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How To (Most Likely) Lose Your Job 101

May 24, 2008

Greasy Constantine, oh Greasy Constantine. This was a radio interview before the finale posted on Not only do you liken yourself to Seacrest and talk about how much you want to host Idol, you admit to starting a small record label called 6th Place Records (Because it always has to do with the fact he was, no way, on American Idol.)

Question for Grease Boy: You were on the show over 3 years ago. And how do you have all this inside info…? Just from hosting AI Extra? You know all the ins and outs?

I’m totally not going to deny I’ve called David Archuleta a Eunuch. Or alluded to the fact that he’s gay. HOWEVER, I have no affiliation with this stupid show. I would never say such things if I was affiliated with the show or even a major publication, for that matter. For Greasy Constantine to tell people in a radio interview that he thinks the Eunuch could be working on a gay cruise is pretty classless. He then brags about his gaydar, because he has a theater background and a lot of his close friends are gay, which obviously means he has highly acute gaydar.

He then talks about how he totally thought Sanjaya was gay but then heard how he was “slaying girls left and right” during last summer’s tour. Oh yeah. But Greasy Constantine concludes by saying he’s found Jesus and goes to church a lot. This is obviously part of the whole long hair and exposing the chest pubes thing. Next he’ll be running around in sandals and oversized tunics.

In addition to the offensive gay comments, he even goes so far as to CALLING THE SHOW FIXED! I mean, hell, I am positive it’s fixed, but again, I DO NOT WORK FOR THEM!!! Greasy Constantine clearly says that the producers have no problem taking away a million or so votes if you piss them off…hmmm…sounds like he was calling the show FIXED to me.

In any case, the comments made by Greasy Constantine have pissed off a lot of Idol fans who are now calling for his head. I’m not going to lose any sleep about it, but I would predict him losing his hosting gig real soon. You just can’t say anything you want to say when you’re working for a scary media company, especially the powers behind AI. Just seems like he overstepped some clearly-drawn boundaries if you ask me. Pretty tacky AND stupid move on Greasy Constantine’s part, don’t ya think?

Of course, there is one show I DO want to see Greasy Constantine on. And that’s The Surreal Life. This guy is perfect for VH1’s Celebreality. They haven’t had a good season since the one with Balkie, Jose Canseco and Janice Dickinson. They really need to bring another power groper back into the mix. Power Gropers might not be as entertaining as a drunken Verne Troyer pissing on a wall, but they’re still fairly entertaining. And I must admit, I do love me some Surreal Life. This guy was BORN for The Surreal Life.

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