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Do they let them sleep? Davids continue to be EVERYWHERE, taking Manhattan like Muppets

May 28, 2008

It was Lil’ Archuleta’s turn to be on Regis & Kelly today. (Hey, Reege, when are you gonna throw down with that asshat Larry King? I will totally buy tickets!)

Uber-Idol-Blogger Rickey (and huge Archuleta fan) met Daddy Archuleta, who knew exactly who he was…at least we know Scary Stage Daddy is good to one of his son’s biggest fans.

Rickey also managed to check out David Cook’s new MySpace page…which kind of bugs me because its part of that CELEBRITY MySpace, widening the caste system in the one place where I could be as cool as that Tila Tequila chick if I really really wanted to…Damn them. (I wonder if he’s contractually obligated NOT to post a Facebook profile now.) Meanwhile, Greasy Constantine is trying to get MySpace Tom on the phone to find out why he’s not included on the celebrity pages…

You can even see Rickey in one of David Cook’s MySpace photos, but one of the others posted is so cute that it even managed to temporarily melt my cold cynical heart. Like pictures of kittens romping in fields of green, I tell ya.

And yes, I can’t help to admit I like that god-awful song. It’s like the Armageddon of songs. I know its horribly written and manipulatively moving on a surface level, but I can’t help it…The Time of My Now is just kind of listenable. I guess a bunch of other people agree because its #1 on Billboard’s Hot Digital Tracks Chart and a bunch of his other Idol songs are also ranked on there. Eunuch fans shall not dispair, their little Archie is also on there a few times as well. Cook also signed a record deal with RCA, which really isn’t news considering that was part of the whole winning deal, right?

Since David Cook wasn’t just signing contracts and accepting 40,000+ MySpace friend requests (Yeah, right, they got interns doing that crap), he also managed to make another TV appearance on the The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet, which I had never even heard of before today. (I’ve never been able to sit through an entire episode of anything on daytime TV except The Price Is Right, so color me out of touch.)

Funny thing is, I’ve heard the other famous song with a similar name 2x today. You know what I’m talking about, a little Bill Medley and Jennifer Warren. I swear this is driving up radio play of the classic 1980s hit (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life, too. This is my own personal theory, but trust me, flip through the radio if you’re stuck in a car during a crap commute to work, you’re gonna hear it.

And all those kooky Cooktards can rejoice in the fact Kimberly Caldwell hasn’t been on his arm during this entire NY press trip. Granted, they’re probably sending each other dirty text messages. Alas…not my concern. All I care about is that David Cook gets back to KC soon and gets a delicious fast food meal at the incredible Gates BBQ. That’s a better overall dining experience than in the green room at Regis & Kelly, I’m sure. One more thing, why hasn’t any interviewer asked him how many days of the week of the NYT crossword can he fully complete. (That’s the first thing I would ask, plus it beats that totally recycled story about his brother kicking his ass on Madden right after Hollywood Week.)

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