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One week later…and the Davids are (still) EVERYWHERE

May 28, 2008

EW’s final Idolatry recap shows what happened during the whole Tivo snafu. Bonus points for using one of my favorite all-time films, Run Lola Run (Yeah…it was a lot like that for me, except I wasn’t on a pay phone or speaking in German). BTW, I love Michael Slezak.

David Cook went on Ellen. He talks about winning a Grammy, an Oscar, and maybe a Tony. Hmmm…come on, Cook, I want to keep liking you so don’t get all annoyingly cocky on me.

David Cook also went on Regis & Kelly. I don’t care what anyone says, Regis is way more in touch than Larry King. But that Kelly, she’s just better when she’s being imitated by Amy Poehler.

David Cook is going to be on a lot of talk shows this week. As is America’s Most Beloved Eunuch, David Archuleta, but he’s in all the day-after slots.

And speaking of Archuleta, MTV’s Jim Cantiello reveals he’s nothing like the gaspy kid we saw on the show. Which was also kind of apparent when the Top 10 contestants were on Larry King Live. This all leads me to believe losing was the best thing to happen to this kid because maybe, just maybe, he’s fulfilled his stage kid obligation to his overbearing father and can now maybe lead a relatively normal life.

Also on…James Montgomery thinks its still 2005 and talks about how David Cook is a red state hero. While he refers to himself as an “elitist jerk” who “lives in NYC”, all well and good, I suppose, but doesn’t he realize that ESPECIALLY if you’re a music journalist, you should NEVER talk about hanging out in Chile with Fall Out Boy — Especially if you want people to think you’re actually proving a point about a former frat boy turned bartender who proclaims his love for Our Lady Peace. Dude. Seriously. Fall Out Boy. Yeah, I think Collective Soul and Nickelback blow, too, but dude, you just talked about hanging out with Fall Out Boy.

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