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Boo! Hiss! CookWell has another very public date…

June 4, 2008

David Cook has traded Archuleta for Ms. Caldwell again, well I guess she invited him since she was singing the national anthem…I know many woman will be very upset to hear such things. Me? Not so much. Girlfriend goes on Carnival Cruises, remember…This tends to put things in perspective.

From The Game Dame:

About 10 minutes before the game started, my husband poked me in the arm and whispered, “David Cook! Coming up the aisle! Right now!” {My hubby kindly allows me to have a crush on American Idol winner David Cook. I think he finds it amusing.}

Sure enough, brushing right past my arm on the aisle seat comes Cookie, wearing a green “KC” hat and looking EXACTLY like he does on TV, scruffy beard and all. Dude, I was flabbergasted. I am ashamed to say that I tried to smell the air in his wake. (All I got was eau de bodyguard.) His seats were, ironically, right down the aisle from us in the boxes we thought we’d be in.

Cook’s girlfriend / date / we’re-just-hanging-out-chick, Kimberly Caldwell, however, provided much more of an aromatic show for us. (Cough.) She sang the National Anthem before the game and performed adequately. The beginning was “very pitchy” (I cringed) but she got on track halfway through and finished competently. Not the best anthem I’ve heard by a long shot, but also not the worst.

David behaved graciously during the game. He was asked for photos and autographs at nearly every half-inning break. (All these people went by me on their way down to see him.) He obliged them all with a smile and no hint of resentment.

Kim, on the other hand… not so much. I had no idea who she was until my husband explained that she hosts something on the TV Guide channel and had been on Idol a few years back. I just thought she was some skank with a bad weave. (And yes, her hair extensions are awful, obvious, choppy.) She was NOT pleasant to fans. She seemed to resent the attention that David was getting. When she was in her seat next to him (a cumulative 30 minutes for the entire game), she felt the need to police who got access to him.

She came past me up the aisle many times. The first time, she was expressing surprise and outrage to her Dodger stadium escort that smoking is not allowed anywhere in the stadium seats. (Has this chick even been ANYWHERE in California?) Later, when she came up the aisle for another of her smoking breaks (I could smell the cigarette smoke on her 3 rows before and after she passed my chair), two little boys asked if they could have a picture with her. Her response was, “No! I’m not working today!” and brushed past them in a huff.

Holy moly.

In direct contrast, I urged two little girls and their father to go down between innings toward the end of the game and get his picture. They waited through the entire top of the 7th and when he saw them standing there, he grinned and stepped right up for the picture. Their dad high-fived me on the way back, thanking me for my help.

Hope Caldwell behaves herself or she’s gonna be back swigging margaritas on the Lido Deck of some Carnival ship.

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  1. jenny jlang permalink
    June 5, 2008 11:46 am

    I am starting to totally lose respect for David Cook. Yuk, the women he dates is a reflection on him. He’s on a path to destroying hs career even before it gets started.
    Some guys are soooo stupid when it comes to their choices of women! This fan is turned off !

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