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July 8, 2008

Ashley Ferl is unlike anything else I have ever seen. Sweetie, get a grip. You’re 14. Stop crying. I don’t care how popular you are on YouTube and you get on national television, some free American Idol tickets whenever you feel a good cry coming on. You’re 14! Please do not be the world’s youngest fantard!!

Luckily, someone got the moment when she met David Archuleta on VIDEO. YES! Archie looks a bit uncomfortable by the whole situation, proving once again that this kid might be kind of likable once you get him off stage and not force me to listen to his renditions of already crappy ballads.

After a second viewing, I do believe she may be crying because she is wearing some sponge-painted heart t-shirt and I’m now wondering if she is allowed to ever NOT wear braids.

Or, as Smartie wisely suggested, she’s merely a wannabe child (uh, teen) actor put out there by her sick ticket parents in the hopes that an agent will see how expressive she is with her EMOTIONS.

Well…Can’t say I wouldn’t pay to see a cage match between her and that nitwit Dakota Fanning.

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  1. July 9, 2008 2:29 am

    The real tale of Ashley Furl is that she’s a child actor, pushed into this by her stage door parents.

    Pa-the-tic really. 😦

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