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Scary Idol Fan Photoshop of the Day (July 8th)

July 8, 2008

Quick. Somebody call Chris Hansen. While this is subtle, I still think it has kid toucher written all over it. Detective Elliot Stabler would have whomever made this little ditty in a chokehold outside a storage facility right this very moment. Law & Order: SVU could totally do a “ripped from the headlines” or “inspired by” episode based on crazy Idol fans.

And since I was late in getting this one out, here’s another ConTard one. The ConTards may have the scariest Idol Fan photoshops. They do a lot of Anne Geddes-type stuff with his image, and that shit is already batshit crazy with those damn babies. Wait. I forgot about the Claymates’ fascination with Jesus and Clay for a moment there. Ok. Well, let’s just say its a tossup about which Tard group makes the scariest damn Photoshops.

Somehow I don’t think Greasy Constantine actually wants to spread peace and love. Unless “Peace & Love” is his super-secret special code for some nasty VD scientists have yet to pinpoint the exact bacterium of since its initial discovery during Spring 2005.

Seriously, this dude needs to quit with the rawkhands. That’s what ConTards call them…RAWKHANDS! Because hand gestures are soooo “rawk & roll”. It hasn’t dawned on either them or Greasy Constantine that making stupid hand signals every time a camera is in your direction makes him look like a even bigger choad. Never before has a photo talking about “spreading peace & love” made me want to go and make a Molatov Cocktail. That’s some pretty powerful artistry!

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  1. July 8, 2008 7:23 pm

    Anything to do with tards, photoshop and Gaspy inevitably ends up creepy. If the kid wasn’t so impaired and stunted, maybe it wouldn’t creep me out so much….

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