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More ConFan Delusions

July 18, 2008

IdleTard has posted even more choice moments in Greasy Constantine fandom. You really need to beware of these women. While their numbers are small, they also claim there are many more out there that just don’t “post on the message boards” (It’s not unlike how the Scientologists claim to have TENS OF MILLIONS of members worldwide).

There is one woman who seems to ONLY wear Greasy Constantine t-shirts everywhere she goes. And of course, EVERYONE asks about it. She also carries around Greasy Constantine fliers and the ilk EVERYWHERE SHE GOES. (This is that whole street teaming thing…)

And it seems everywhere she goes, she encounters nothing but praise for Walking VD.

Meanwhile, I just got home from a giant CONSTANTINE SQUEEEEEE fest at my mom’s dermatology doctor’s office; LOL the nurse who was assisting in her surgery noticed my shirt and literally dropped a whole handful of gauze in her rush to get a second look; “CONSTANTINE- oOOOO my favorite American Idol!!”

And with those words began a strange but hilarious rendezvous of virtually every female in the entire (huge) office, all gathered around the main counter in the lobby scarfing up my photos and CD cards of C. OMG…it was a riot when two other doctors came out of their respective patient rooms looking for their nursing assistants..

Mom’s doc at least finished suturing her nose before he picked up a card “for my wife”…lol. And I couldn’t help but notice that the handsome dark eyed-dark haired young doc was wearing the newest fashion in scrubs…the LOW cut vee neck tee!

Uh, ok…you know her mother is just begging to go to Shady Pines so she doesn’t have to listen to Greasy Constantine’s CD another time. Personally, I expected everyone in the doctor’s office to break out into Nights on Broadway or the most beloved Greasy Constantine crap cover, BoRap. (Greasy Constantine fans love them some BoRap.)

Other Greasy Constantine fans MARVEL at another one of her tales of finding these apparent Lovers of Smarm EVERYWHERE SHE GOES.

I love that story…absolutely love it! They’re out there, for sure. I think there’s just so much bombardment to our senses…advertising, media, that unless it’s right there in an unexpected way (like a t-shirt on a family member of a surgical patient!), it’s hard to get a message across. Once people know he’s still out there, they will come! I’ve never been in a whole group like that….just some one-on-ones. What fun.

Let’s repeat: Once people know he’s still out there, they will come.

Ok, ladies. I got a great idea. Go move to the middle of Iowa and build an amphitheater. And let me know what happens.

They also have the ability to see references to Greasy Constantine EVERYWHERE.

So, she was at Letterman tonight, right?? Coupla funny GB connections in the show: The goofy intern was in “the chair” and in response to some shocking thing Dave said, he exclaimed, “Jesus Christ Superstar!!” That cracked me up knowing one of our Joisey Goils was in the audience!

The other odd coinkydinky was that Ricky Gervais, one of Dave’s guests, lives with Jane Fallon who produced the British version of Teachers–the pilot our Connie was just in. Now, if that could take off like Gervais’ Office, life would be grand for our friend, Constantine.

Weird, huh? Kinda like Kevin Bacon and his Six Degrees of Separation!

OMG!!! It’s like more awesome than quantum physics and The Celestine Prophecy. I mean, I can understand thinking of him if you had unexplained scratchy crotch but come on, just COME ON!

Yup. This is the man they’re “squeeeeeee-ing” about.

(Thanks to F for the awesome Photoshop)

3 Comments leave one →
  1. July 25, 2008 12:53 am

    I’ve seen a lot of photos of him lately *giggles evilly* and there’s not been ONE time where I’ve said ‘hang on, he’s not that bad’.

  2. TopIdol permalink
    July 19, 2008 12:17 am

    I think he may one of the most disgusting creatures to ever walk the earth.

  3. July 18, 2008 7:30 pm

    AGHHHH that hideous face! So horrible!

    That that woman actually drags around a collection of Cumstainedteef crap to inflict on random strangers is the most disturbing part of that post…..

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