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Curious about Idol Fan Cult Lunacy? Here ya go!

August 23, 2008

On August 19th, Stoner J posted this MySpace bulletin:

Ok so I just got off the phone with dell after an hour. My computer has been struggling these last few months, to say the least. Haha 2 inches of my screen went out a few months ago, I could live with that. My sound started shutting down around that time to. In order to hear anything I had to put something in the headphone jack and push down. Haha I managed to get by but TODAY, well it was the last straw. My left clicker stopped workin, leaving me paralyzed. Right as I was about to post date night! Aaaah!! but I’m gonna try to borrow a comp from somebody so let’s not fret yet! I hope y’all are havin a wonderful day! Sorry for the delay but hopefully Ttys!



Stoner J’s crazy-ass fanbase (mark my words, they are going to end up as loony as the ConFrau and Claymate contingencies) has now taken it upon themselves to pool their money so Stoner J can get a new laptop and continue his vlogging — aka “Date Night”.

Even without being signed, Idol contestants who make the summer tour make about a quarter of a million dollars. I don’t think they’re hurting for cash at the moment, and then when you consider all of the tour’s sponsors (They’re probably going to each go home with a year’s supply of PopTarts, most certainly), as well as the AI sponsors, why would Stoner J need his fans to buy him a new laptop? You’re telling me Apple didn’t supply these kids with Macbook Airs and iPhones? They were the second-most visible AI sponsor next to Coca Cola.

This isn’t even taking into account gift bags and all that other stuff people with some degree of fame regularly receive if they attend any sort of public event. Face it. Idol contestants are not sponsor children so you might be better off listening to Sally Struthers and sending your extra pennies to Africa.

Crazy Idol fans regularly buy the objects of their sick affection gifts. Most often, they are simple things, such as teddy bears, flowers, et al. Who knows where this stuff ends up during or after the tour, considering every male Idol contestant is likely to received an at least five Build-A-Bears dressed in their likeness at every tour stop.

Rabid Cook Fans regularly compete with one another to donate to cancer charities — this is a good thing. Whatever your opinion of David Cook, if the guy is getting his fans to donate more money to cancer, then that’s good. He’s not stumping for a new laptop.

There are a few Stoner J fans who have some common sense, offering better suggestions about what to do with the $15-20 cap on individual “donations”, as well as adding some logic to the discussion on the amount of the TOTAL financial gift. While others are discussing whether or not to make the laptop / gift cards a birthday present or “end of tour” gift, these fans actually consider doing SOMETHING GOOD with the money.

Should we put a cap on the amound we’re trying to raise?  This could get really really huge, and that might make Jason uncomfortable.  Just a thought!  Or…we could give some to charity, or to Luke Menard for his medical bills…I’m just throwing out ideas here!  I’m not saying we shouldn’t do it, I’m just thinking out loud (or in print)! lol

Ok, I am going to start with a figure $1,000.00 limit.  Even if we only get the $1,000, could still donate 10% to charity.  I REALLY like the idea of giving it to Luke Menard.  His medical bills are still quite high and I know the idols signed a guitar to be auctioned off to raise money, So I know that would be somewhat personal to Jason.

I absolutely love the idea of giving excess to Luke Menard on behalf of Jason’s fans.  Jason would love this as well.  I think $20 is a great number.

Now I don’t think Stoner J was necessarily stumping for a new laptop, however, this has not stopped the inundation of Best Buy and Visa gift cards from his two most devoted fan groups. They even want to do a CUSTOM gift card.

From what I can see and what I’ve heard, I think we should not set a top limit to what we’re giving Jason.  I think that’s what I’m getting …. feedback please.  And also that it should ALL go to Jason.  If Jason wants to donate some to Luke, he certainly can.  Does anyone know how to get a visa card with a custom picture?  If you do, please let me know.  Otherwise, I’ll do the research and figure it out!!!

Oh, and I guess wanting to help the poor guy who found out he had cancer after singing Wake Me Up (Before You Go Go) isn’t that good of an idea, is it? HELL NO. Give all that money to Stoner J! He needs it more than a non-Top-12 former carpet salesman undergoing treatment for Hodgekin’s Lymphoma!

I don’t think there should be a limit on what any single person gives.  Unless there is something related to paypal regarding the amount S can collect for a cause.  I do think there should be accountability, though.   Not that I don’t trust anyone, just that in some of the past fundraisers, we had no idea how much was spent for what and exactly where the money went.  Just my opinion, as I have OCD when it comes to details.  Wink I also think all the money should go to Jason.  If he wants to make a contribution to Luke from that money, that will be his choice.

But the SICKEST part about this is the way his own FAMILY has no problem encouraging this behavior. Stoner J’s mother, a regular visitor to this particular fanboard, is reported to have ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM with his crazy fans giving him a substantial cash / gift card “end of tour” present.

Let’s look at a few more posts from S, the woman spearheading this fund drive:

I spoke to Betsy [Stoner J’s MOTHER] about it yesterday.  I dont understand why all the worry.  Betsy knew about this within minutes of the first discussion.  Sherry posted it very well in her OP, if you want to contribute, that is wonderful, if you don’t, thats great too…

Please don’t feel pressure to give ….  and I totally understand how you feel about giving to Luke.  Gosh, I just want to give to EVERYONE, but I’ve learned that I have to stay focused on one project at a time.

I should mention, btw, S has set up a PayPal account for this endeavor.

One Castro fan begins to feel a bit uneasy:

OK, it doesn’t seem like people are very receptive to this idea and I have already seen some negative posts and criticism about it on other message boards and that makes me uncomfortable. I know we mean well, but people are taking this the wrong way.Not sure sure I want to be involved anymore. Sad

Another Kool-Aid drinker quickly tries to convince her what they are not doing is bad, not in the least. Her techniques are not unlike those used in the People’s Church or during Scientology auditing sessions.

sweetie, do what YOU want to do… don’t worry so much what others think you should do.  This is to support JASON and/or Luke.  There are many different ways to support Jason and everyone has their own comfort level… and as long as its in a positive manner and supportive, people should never make each other feel guilty about how they choose to support.

It appears another group bought Stoner J a VIDEO CAMERA. Another group bought him jeans. This fan group will not be shown up.

Was everyone asked to participate (yes), was there open and free discussion (yes), was everyone allowed to give something(yes) or nothing(yes).  Have other groups gone together and gotten Jason things without EVERYONES approval(yes). JMS-Video Camera, GOTH GIRLS-Jeans. Was I happy for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and all the fun they had (YES). Did I go to their forums and tell them what to do (NO), Did I discuss them or what they did in ANY forum in any negative way or judge them (NO). Let’s show some courtesy and support for each other.

S returns to put her 2 cents in when those bad Stoner J fans are obviously being GLIB.

Do whatever works best for you.  I am trying my best to avoid the negative posts and knew coming in to this that there was a pretty good possibility that would happen.  Everyone should just do what feels right for them. End of story.

One of the board’s most prolific posters poo-poo’s non-collective thought.

i agree with you on this, i cannot understand why some people would object on what anyone would like to give as a gift.

Stoner J fan with some sense speaks up with some trepedation, as there is always the chance she will be forced into some CastroTard Purification Rundown session if she openly displays non-collective thought. She is younger and cuter than the group’s majority, which will inevitably lead to disaster in AI fandoms.

I think this is a nice idea. Personally, I would donate to Luke before donating to Jason. I don’t know what Luke’s financial situation is but if medical bills are taking a toll on his finances then my gut feeling would be to help him out before helping somebody who seems very financially secure.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not telling anyone what to do. I’m just saying what I would do.

Another cute younger girl comes to her defense with more logic.

oh, sad pandas! Don’t feel bad!
This isn’t my favorite idea, but I wouldn’t want to criticize it… I know it can make people feel bad…
Just do whatever you want! It’s not bad if it’s something nice you want to do for Jason!

People can disagree, but let’s all try to be aware of other people’s feeling alright?

Poor girl. If only she were dealing with sad pandas, it would be much easier to talk sense into them.

S clearly does not give a shit about poor Luke Menard. Granted, he did sing Wake Me Up (Before You Go Go) on national television, but the dude has cancer!

This is a gift card for Jason.  I am all for collecting or Luke, but this one is for Jason only.

I have no idea what to think about this, but they’re under the impression that a kid who grew up in an upscale Dallas suburb (in a gated community) and achieved a decent degree of popularity on a top-rated TV show is going to be struggling once he’s let off the tour bus. This genius also suggests just giving the money directly to Jason’s mother.

Has anyone thought of setting up a paypal account with Betsy. That way the money could go directly there instead of worring about getting a Visa card.

That way Jason doesn’t have to worry about losing the card while on tour. i would be worried.

Also that way is people wanted to send additional money over time to help the Castro’s with the expense of junb starting Jason’s career they could.

We could still do a card and letter to give to Jason.

This Stoner J fan is not only drinking the Kool-Aid, she’s banging the Kool Aid man.

Ok, S, I’m in for whatever you want me to do.  Smiley I think a Visa card costs money, right?  So that would have to be taken out of the collection amount.  And did you mention sending you cards to include with it?  I hope there will be a large Dreadhead contingent to present it to him.  After seeing his reaction in Georgia, I think he loves seeing the sea of blue and the huge groups of Jason fans.

Now comes the ultra-important decision about WHAT TO WRITE ON THE CARD. S doesn’t care about this part now that she has gotten the financial part of this sick operation organized.

Maybe the two of you could work together on it?  I am NOT a writer … I stress out just trying to write my name!  Would you two mind talking together and seeing what your ideas are and coming up with something that you feel represents what our gift to him is all about?  That would be awesome if you could!

Oh, gee. I guess a special PayPal account was not started for the endeavor. It’s going into S’s personal account.

Yes, my Paypal account is being used.  I will post daily totals at the end of each day, how does that sound?  I’m on the west coast, though.  Ummm …. what WAS you question?  Sorry ….  I love all of the suggestions here.  I want this to be a project that we ALL participate in.

Uh oh, here comes another logical fan.

So the donating to Luke idea’s been scrapped..? Don’t you guys think Luke needs the money more than Jason? Or would benefit from some of the donations? I’m a Jason fan first & foremost but Luke’s medical bills are piling up while Jason’s on tour making quite a decent amount. He could invest in a new com (or anything else) if he wanted to but Luke is actually struggling. Jason would appreciate it we gave to Luke I’m sure – and morally, it’s the better thing to do imo. Don’t you think? :/

I guess I just don’t understand the whole grand gift thing to begin with – especially since Jason’s paycheck is bigger than mine & probably everyone else’s here haha. I would gladly donate when Jason/Luke’s (etc) health is concerned but I’ma step outta this thread for now. You guys are awesome but it’s just a personal thing. Smiley

Smart girl. I’m sure her dabbling with crazy Idol fandoms will eventually dissipate, as she seems to exhibit more common sense than most of these lunatics. Obviously, she is going to be ridiculed and IN ALL CAPS!!


A few posts later, another logical fan comes to her defense and pretty much sums up the pettiness of these people.

Good to see someone else is thinking clearly & not letting their obsessions blind them.
Sure, Jason’s not a millionaire. Compared to the average 21yr old, Jason’s rolling in the dough. Does anyone one else find it odd that in one thread DHs talk about collecting canned goods for the needy, than purchase everything & anything Jason says he likes? Is it really more important to supply Jason with another expensive gift to celebrate the end of this successful tour, than help his friend that is suffering from cancer??
I also think it’s also bizarre that any adult would send gifts to his 12 or 13yr old sister, like she is a close friend. As a parent, doesn’t anyone find that disturbing?
I’ll probably get banned for saying what many casual fans are thinking. I’ll survive… cause it’s all about the music. Peace.

Another fan keeps trying to convince the naysayers that something will, indeed, be done for Luke Menard. I don’t buy it, but…

OK, I am really sorry, but I think it is really unfair for people to come into this thread and lay a guilt trip on people about raising money for Luke. If people would take the time to read this entire thread, they would see that a lot of us, myself included, are all for setting something up for Luke and even getting all of Jason’s other fan forums involved. However, they are two seperate things and the focus of this thread is about putting something together for JASON as an end of tour gift for him from his fans. I didn’t see anyone saying this about Luke in other gift threads and it’s really not cool to do it here. JMHO.

If you’ve been wondering about what goes on in crazy Idol fandoms, this post best describes the hypocrisy and pettiness that eventually overrun any sort of appreciation for someone’s talent.

And as of Friday, the grand total of “donations” is $119.57. Obviously, S does not think this is enough!

Update … 8/22/2008  Here is the latest update on donations.  We have a total of $119.57 as of approximately 9:00 Friday night PST.  Wow … blow me over with a feather!!  JK … I thought we would be blowing it out of the water by now.  I am a shy person (?) and pretty computer illiterate (true) … so can someone please post on other forums and threads about this project?  I know our intentions are to give him more than $119!!!

There are no words to describe these people. Their posts simply speak for themselves. But its the best example of what goes down in the world of Idol Cult.

Oh. And photos say quite a bit, too!

(NOTE: This post is dedicated to our good friend IdleTard and all the other wonderful people on the VFTW and Pink boards. It could not have been done without their continued devotion to finding the humor in batshit insanity on a daily basis.)

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  1. megan permalink
    February 16, 2010 11:11 am

    You are all fucked up ass holes who dont have a life so ya’ll just hate on innocennt people…your the stoners not him and no im not a crazy, insane idol fan, im just a person with a heart

  2. September 21, 2008 10:44 pm

    Cashtro tards are SO stupid they can’t differentiate between you and me 😀 and told me to take that fatty’s photo down from this post


  3. Fig permalink
    August 26, 2008 10:35 pm

    hahaah right 😉

  4. August 26, 2008 10:22 pm

    You have bad hair, Fig.

  5. Fig permalink
    August 24, 2008 7:53 pm

    It’s kinda rude how you used that lady’s picture.

  6. Mysterioso permalink
    August 24, 2008 4:17 am

    Thank you for this!
    I ampissed off at this loser and his whole family of grifters.


  7. leelee permalink
    August 24, 2008 1:28 am

    so fucked up….

  8. August 23, 2008 11:28 pm

    This whole subject is beginning to boil my blood. How dare these idiots waste so much time and money on tools making a six figure salary? It’s disgusting.

    Awesome piece 😀

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