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Stoner J Fans: They React. They Also Bring Up Satan.

August 25, 2008

For all the comments I have received telling me I’m a complete asshole, I’ve received about 3x that amount saying that I am right on in what I have posted here the last 2 days. My last two posts were also featured on Vote For The Worst. Needless to say, the Castrofans are getting pissed about all this “negativity”.

I refer to Jason Castro as Stoner J because that is the nickname I made up for him in the beginning of the season when I was still just writing recaps to a friend over email. People can tell me all they want how he doesn’t smoke weed. Maybe he doesn’t, but I still think he does like to toke up. But do I care? NO. Makes no difference to me. And I’ve never called the kid “stupid”. I’ve known some geniuses who probably smoke more than Stoner J and they’re working on PhDs. So if you’re a Stoner J fan, get over it. Have I seen him smoke weed? No. If he does or doesn’t, will I lose sleep at night? NO. And if you bothered reading through my blog, you would see I was a big fan of his all season.

But just because I think the kid was a lot of fun on the show does not mean I condone the actions of his fans. Do I have a say-so over what they do? Hell no. But I found it pretty appalling. And from what I have heard about his mother’s involvement in a lot of these activities, that pretty much disgusts me, too. Maybe Stoner J is not aware of her actions on fan boards, maybe she is too naive to realize what she is doing, even. I don’t know. Regardless, the controlling atmosphere of his largest fan board is kind of disturbing.

And making gifts for someone is one thing. Cash donations are an entirely different story. No Idol contestant needs money to help them start out after being let off the tour buses. These people have raked in over SIX FIGURES for a SUMMER JOB! Not to mention all the freebies from corporate sponsors. This is basically just an example of how certain individuals in fan groups or certain cliques within these fan groups try to one-up each other on who can give a bigger & better gift or who can be noticed by the object of their obsessive affection.

But my biggest problem with all of this is how fans are told to go to hell if they disagree with the more controlling fans. They are told that they are not true fans and if they post “negative” comments or “negative” links to blogs or articles, they are probably in cahoots with the “haters”. Negative comments and disagreements are moved to a separate thread so they are no longer visible on the most-visited threads in the main sections. Obviously, all of Z’s comments regarding the gifts and other comments saying how bad and she and others who disagreed were sent to this virtual basement of sorts. And this separate thread even has an interesting, Dianetics-ish sounding title. — all a bit cult-like, don’t you think?

Ha. Seriously. While on a much smaller and much more pathetic scale, your actions are not unlike those of the Chinese Government in regards to their National Gymnastics team. In fact, for all the American Flag banners and references you guys have as your signatures, your actions are pretty much a microcosm of socialist-state media, so…

Hey lady, ever hear of the FIRST AMENDMENT?

btw- that blog? really stupid.
if a dreadhead wrote that…
then you arent a true dreadhead.

mocking jason and his fans? Not cool.

it WAS considered harassment… if you had a brain, you could tell that it was.

I never said I was a Dreadhead. I also have a brain and don’t think I’ve harassed anyone. Did I force you to read my blog?

I agree with you! Is this the same blog that made fun of us when we were giving the Castro’s pictures for them to use for merchandise? Some people only see the world in dollars & cents. They can’t imagine doing something for the pure joy of showing somebody that you appreciate what they are doing. If they weren’t making fun of this, I am sure they could find something else that doesn’t fit into their myoptic opinion of how people should act. just my 2 cents :}

No, this is not the same blog. That was probably our wonderful buddy IdleTard. But hmmm…don’t you think its funny that the Castro family was asking fans for photos to use on merchandise? Then they don’t have to pay someone for photos and the fans will feel so “honored” because they were asked by his FAMILY. So, some people only see the world in dollars & cents, huh?

Let people rain on our parade.  Jason LOVES running through the rain, and although I don’t like it much because it makes my hair frizzy, I have a trusty umbrella ella ella ella eh eh eh eh .

Those bloggers and VFTW sites make money with each “hit” they get, and since they know Jason is a hot commodity, they’re going to post about him.  It’s called marketing, and the more people who access their site, the more money they make to continue their tactics. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the people posting in this thread aren’t somehow related to those sites.  Wink Maybe they’d like to take some of the revenue they’re bringing in by the use of Jason’s name and contribute to his gift?    Grin

I don’t make any money off of this site. Do you see any ads? And in the grand scheme of things, Idol-centric sites make the bulk of their readership during the show’s season. Tour Season is when all the crazy fan stuff comes out — this isn’t about “marketing”, it’s more about EDUCATING.

Ah…this woman may be one of my FAVORITES! She’s accusing “haters” of coming over to the board and creating accounts just so they can be negative and disagree with giving someone who made over $100,000 in a few months time a Visa Gift Card.

I think its kind of funny that people are actually creating screennames on DDB and IDF just to post links to these blogs that other than today I’ve never read and/or heard of.

I’ve said this from the beginning… Satan is not happy with the way God is using Jason.. and Satan will do anything he can to get people to focus on unimportant things instead of keeping our eye on the prize...

YES! I am a tool of SATAN! And Stoner J is the second-coming of Christ! Does this mean my stupid little AI blog has reached biblical proportions now?

Here is a woman’s whose reasoning makes little sense and seems to suggest that Castro’s rabid fans may be PISSED if he were to hand that gift card over to say, Luke Menard, to help cover some of his treatment expenses. She also thinks giving that money to Luke wouldn’t even occur to him, even though they regularly spends pages and pages musing about his kindness, generosity and good Christian soul. (NOTE: Some fans have suggested this gift by saying he will “probably hand it over to Luke or charity”)

last things i have to say on this topic.
1: hes obviously not going to give the money to Luke. its not the first thing thats going to pop in his mind.
2: his FANS gave it to him, so hes probably going to think that if he gives it to Luke we will take it the wrong way.

i mean we give him money, and then he gives it away to Luke. (for a good cause) but still.

but i agree its your money you do what you want. but just think who needs it more.

Here is a rational fan who makes some good points. She doesn’t post very often, but says that she regularly visits and lurks on the different fan boards.

It doesn’t matter at this point whether you think that a large cash gift, or a computer, is an appropriate or an inappropriate gift for someone whose music you enjoy.  That is not the point I want to discuss, so please don’t start debating me on that.  Frankly, I don’t care what you spend your money on, and I know that no one was pressured to contribute.  BUT: Please consider that outsiders – people who don’t “know” DDB and Jason like y’all do, people who like Jason or are neutral – AND people who are ridiculous uberfans of Jason’s music, such as myself – are put off by both the giving of the gift, and the position into which it puts Jason.  And yes, people who previously shrugged off the haters are seriously starting to question the motives of Jason’s family and friends, if not Jason himself.

This is in addition to the “crazy fan” label being given to the dreadheads

I really, really don’t want to hear any “Why should we care what they think?” responses, though I bet I will anyway.  Why should we care?  We should care because Jason’s reputation is important to his career.  We should care because it has been proven that over-the-top fanbases can be detrimental to an Idol’s career.

This chick is great! She actually does her research!

I don’t know if you’ve read that “TopIdol” blogger throughout the season (I hadn’t – I just looked through it all when this whole mess cropped up), or if this has already been mentioned, but that blogger is a huge Jason fan.  Loved Memory, ISTS, and all!  Loved Jason’s voice and genuine artistry and demeanor.  Yes, Jason is referred to as “Stoner J,” but TopIdol does not consider that a negative – probably why he/she/it is so fine believing it.

I’m just pointing that out as an example of a genuine fan getting a bad taste because of this.  Granted, a genuine fan with a tendency towards snark..

And they make think this thread is in the “basement”, but now the good stuff has emerged. We like this gal, too! She uses her noggin!

As soon as I read his bulletin about the failing computer, I had no doubt in my mind that the fans would be trying to buy one for him. Not only did fam & friends approve of the computer, but one friend named the brand that interested Jason. Hint, much? Also, the fam approving of a cash gift looks even more awful. If it looks bad to me as a Jason fan, how in the world does it look to everyone else?

The other thing you said about the possiblity of Jason not having the fanbase we thought…. that may be very likely. He only has about 50,000 myspace friends and that simply is not enough to make a career.

…The top idol blogger sounds like my kind of fan. I don’t think Jason is a saint, either, but that doesn’t stop me from liking him bunches and bunches.

So thanks for your comments, good and bad. (And no one has ever indirectly compared me to Satan before so BRAVO!) As I said before, I just thought more people should know this sort of thing goes on. A lot of it is downright creepy, disturbing and goes beyond normal fandoms.

I always thought if you were a fan of something or someone (I’ve gotten three people into Battlestar Galactica), you try to get other people to be fans without being obsessive. You just buy albums, download songs, go see shows, play the music for your friends with similar tastes. If they don’t like it? Big deal. They don’t like it. They don’t agree with you. Does this mean you tell them to go to hell?

If you want to help someone have a long and successful career, this isn’t the way to go about it. You alienate original or would-be fans. The successful ex-Idols are few and far between. Often they do themselves in with bad behavior or shit talent, shit management, et al. But in many cases, its the CRAZY FANS that keep anyone in the industry and / or non-Idol views from taking these people seriously.

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  1. hidingbehindafakename permalink
    August 29, 2008 10:34 pm

    I’ve never seen Jason himself ask for anything. I wonder if he even knows about this gift card or half the things that are going on.

    A certain group of Jason’s fans clearly want to make themselves front and center and get as close as possible. It’s really about them more than it is about him now. I just wish his family would realize this and put the breaks on them.

    nobody gives a shit about what you think …. just because you are fat and ugly and have to hide that. sit in your rented apartment, collect you welfare checks and post like you have somethng worthwhile to say.

  2. hidingbehindafakename permalink
    August 29, 2008 10:32 pm

    Unless you post on stupid sights like this with your stupid ass opinion. who gives a fuck what you think, dumb ass?

  3. Kinkster permalink
    August 26, 2008 10:38 pm

    I think jason needs to run in the other direction from some of these crazy fanatics that are trying to buy his attention, and I think his mom’s interacton and Behind the scenes push for freebie is equally creepy!These people dont know where to draw the line.

    For me here’s how being a fan works:

    A musician you like releases a CD, you buy the album if you enjoy it..anything outside that is just plain crazy!

  4. TopIdol permalink
    August 26, 2008 10:20 pm

    Ha ha ha. You’re Satan and I can be Lucifer. I think Lucifer is under Satan and people just confuse the two.

    Actually, would you mind if I started a PRAYER POST for getting IdleTard back up? 🙂

  5. August 26, 2008 10:16 pm

    Hey I am a disgrace to humanity and a hatred person, so you don’t get all the tard loving, missie! 🙂

    I think Cali has selective memory about what goes on – like Bonghead mentioning his computer was slow and how that slows down how he can talk to his tards…..voila, a new computer! Like magic!

    And his family – stealing from fans by taking their photos. Tsk tsk tsk…..

    These people have been watching The Grifters.

  6. cali permalink
    August 25, 2008 7:26 pm

    I’ve never seen Jason himself ask for anything. I wonder if he even knows about this gift card or half the things that are going on.

    A certain group of Jason’s fans clearly want to make themselves front and center and get as close as possible. It’s really about them more than it is about him now. I just wish his family would realize this and put the breaks on them.

  7. TopIdol permalink
    August 25, 2008 5:53 pm

    Oh I’ve already been called Satan so if they call you an asshole, you’ll be in good company 🙂

    I saw the bulletin, too. My first thought was oh shit, his crazy fans are going to buy him a laptop now. Didn’t really think he was asking for one (as I also assume Apples hand them out because THAT would make perfect sense).

    Oh yeah. Some of the posse is VERY crazy.

  8. August 25, 2008 5:51 pm


    Very interesting series of articles you posted here… Pretty freaky stuff too.

    As a moderate Jason fan (I was rooting for Cook, personally), part of me hopes that this isn’t Jason himself who’s at the origin of all this insanity, but his hardcore “fans”, if you want to call ’em that.

    For the record, he’s one of my MySpace contacts, so I actually read the bulletin he sent, explaining that he hadn’t posted in a while due to a malfunctioning computer; and to me, it didn’t seem that he was pandering to his fans nor hinting at anything. So either he’s very subtle, either I’m very naive, or some of his posse are very crazy. I think I’ll go with the latter though…

    Anyway, very interesting stuff… I just posted the link to your story on the IMDb Idol board; I’m curious as to how folks over there will react. I’ll get back to you if I’m being called an asshole for questioning his and/or his family’s integrity.

    And I’ll be checking in here to see if there are any new developments…

    Great blog and keep up the good work! 🙂

  9. Mary permalink
    August 25, 2008 3:56 pm

    While I agree with a lot you are saying I think it’s wrong to assume that Jason’s mother approved anything to do with this gift without asking her directly. Even if she did, she may not have realized the extent (amount) of the gift. She may have just thought it was to be a gift certificate for buying software of a hundred dollars or so. There are “certain” fans who lead others to believe they are spokespersons of the family and I have my doubts. So until I hear it directly I’ll believe that not to be the case.

    As to the computer that was given to Jason. That was from a Dallas corporation and not from an individual fan. His own laptop was being worked on by the family at the time and was fixed when the gift came in.

    As to the pictures. I don’t know for sure but I think they were wanted for a blitz they are doing tonight and may involve giveaway merchandise and not merchandise for sale. It was the impression I got. No one ever asked her directly what it was for so I think jumping to conclusions that this was for making a profit might be overstepping.

    As to the money issue, well some fans go a bit crazy and it’s not just Jason fans. There are others more famous who are afraid of mentioning things because fans will run out and buy it for them.

    But remember, not all the fans are crazy, just a small few and even sports fans have their crazies.

    This is just food for thought and I don’t know the family. I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t post this but just consider it.

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