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Getting your MacCook through TSA

September 2, 2008

While I know the world of Idol Craziness never sleeps, TopIdol was out of town and enjoying many an alcoholic beverage with old friends over this long weekend. Luckily, IdleTard is back up and running so plenty of people can be both amused and outraged at their glorious posts while I was out tending to my Captain & Diets, Stellas, and Australian reds.

Found an interesting comment in my earlier thread regarding the Macbook Conspiracy from someone who calls themselves “Tinkerbell”.

i think they get their MACs during the season. i saw in last year’s tv guide booklet from the tour that blake and chris r both have macboks. i also remember sligh talking about his. think i saw sanjaya with one too. so yeah, i believe they get them during the season.

and for the 2 tards, fuck off. YOU guys will be the ones using food stamps with all the gifting you are doing for these idols.


Well, lookie here. I was engaged in a similar activity this morning at the butt crack of dawn. Seems David Cook and I just happen to share the same taste in sleek, portable technology — as was evidenced by Geek Sugar on August 6th.

Regardless of what gaming toys he has tucked away, it’s obvious that he really is a Mac boy, which I didn’t know for sure, even though contestants were decked out with Apple gear during the last season of AI.

Now it’s rather likely Cook as always been a “Mac Guy”, as his college major was graphic design. But that Macbook Pro looks rather shiny and new…I bought mine in January and it does not seem to glow in such a fashion, perhaps b/c I have my grubby little fingers on it all the time. Meh. Who knows…but…I still think all those Idol contestants received these shiny bad boys at some point during the competition.

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  1. September 2, 2008 7:26 pm

    Welcome back and drink lots of water if you have a hangover 😀

    That there pooty looks brand spankin’ new. Huh. Imagine that; the winner of a show that’s heavily promoted and sponsored by Apple having a nice shiny new pooty. What are the odds?

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