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This is just way too easy

October 12, 2008

While doing this silly little blog, I’ve encountered some really crazy things. And trust me, I really do not feel like targeting, per se, a certain group of fans. I’ve been trying not to, really, since I don’t think the behavior of some is indicative of every single person who follows this particular Idol contestant.

But sometimes certain individuals or groups make it way too easy. And while this has nothing to do with misappropriated funds, giving gifts, et al, it still disturbs me. Even with my feelings towards religion, this is uh, kind of deplorable.

Many Jason Castro fans are coming to Garland for his Christmas Concert headlined by Patti LaBelle. I’ve posted on this before, mainly about the $3500 tables, uh, “corporate-sponsored tables”, sold before the tickets went on sale to the public. The fans coming into town are making a weekend of the event, organizing happy hours, lunches, hotel rooms and that sort of thing. Makes perfect sense. Of course you would do that, especially if you’re traveling from across the country. Just like a reunion or convention of sorts.

But adding a visit to the Castro’s family church during a Sunday service where they will most likely be in attendance? Isn’t this a bit…uh, going overboard?

Sure, The Lake Pointe Church is one of those crazy big evangelical things, with THX sound systems, coffee bars, as well as morality skits and Christian pop performances a regular part of the sermons. These churches have all the aesthetic charm of your neighborhood Chill’s and are built in the same exact soulless architectural style found in suburban strip malls. Which works out good in many cases, since they are often found in strip malls. (Pick up your dry cleaning! Get saved by Christ! Grab a cheeseburger & fries!) You can even stream and download sermons and bible study via your PC! (Even in my heathen opinion, I’ve never been able to understand how this sort of church experience brings one closer to God…all feels rather detached and impersonal to me.)

I digress, my point is, these places are LARGE, often housing over 1000 or more churchgoers. So maybe it’s not an intimate setting, but it’s still church. And maybe what I consider impersonal, others may consider uniquely uplifting. But church is something people do with their families, and faith is supposed to be a personal thing, right? Ok, so arena-caliber speaker systems don’t scream “personal”, but it’s still church…it’s still church…and going to a musician you admire’s house of worship?

I think Jesus would slap you silly. No false idols, remember??

Anyway…here it goes:

With all the planning going on, I would also like to invite everyone to visit Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall. It is an amazing church with contemporary Christian music and always an inspiring message. This too would be a great opportunity see a bit more into the foundation of Jason’s faith. Services are at 9:30 & 11:00 Sunday. You never know who might show up to service too!

Uh…that last sentence, well…Uh, oh. Is everyone going to think this is a brilliant idea?

I have been in that church and it is really pretty. I have to advise everyone that even though the Castros do attend that church to keep in mind that it is a church. If you go to church every Sunday and need a place to worship then Lake Pointe is a very good church to consider. But if you want to go JUST to see Jason then that’s too much and is considered stalking. I know most of us have good intentions but the Castros need their privacy as much as everyone else.

She said the “s” word. And very nicely said. Even if this family does involve themselves on a personal level with their fans, there is also the issue of privacy. The poster also uses tact, saying if you “need a place to worship”, but…There are evangelical churches EVERYWHERE. And you can also catch the sermons on the Lake Pointe website, as well as the websites of many other evangelical ampitheaters, but there I go, getting off-track again. Let’s continue:

What a qwinkydink, I was just thinking that I would want to worship at LakePoint on Dec 14th, last night! Defiantly want to go and need to find directions on how to get there.

Also, I respectfully disagree about you should go only if you regularly go to church, Lake point is the same denomination as my church and everyone is always welcome. Actually, I would consider it an evangelistic outreach and may possibly change someone life.

I defiantly see your point about people needing to be respectful towards the Castro’s and keep in mind that people are there to worship.

Uh oh. The claws are coming out!

I have a problem with some parts of this statement. Just because i dont go to church every sunday and i decide to go to Jasons church to see what its all about, im a stalker? that word “stalker” is definatly used in poor taste here.

MEOW! Ok. Another person tries to smooth everything over. Peace, love and rainbows!

i think anyone who wants to visit lakepoint church should go! i hope most people would know to be respectful to the castro family and especially while they’re visiting a church.

no matter what the reason is for someone being there, it would be encouraging and uplifting and could help someone understand jason’s faith. there isn’t a way to know if they would be there anyway! it’s easy to find and you can see it from the freeway.

Does this mean that, if I enjoyed the film Minority Report, I should stop at one of those yellow tents and get one of those personality tests by the Xenu-nuts? Okay, while it’s a stretch…I just don’t think any soul is gonna get saved by going to one sermon at the Castro family church. (Yes, yes. I am sure some may disagree.)

Another fan tries to appease both schools of thought, but it comes out a bit lopsided:

I understand what S is saying. I know to the average person, it probably doesn’t need to be mentioned… but… there have been some who have totally crossed the line recently where Jason is concerned and unfortunately we all need some reminding at times to respect their privacy.

That being said, LakePointe is an amazing place to worship and I encourage all to attend if possible.

The dissenting poster comes back to defend herself:

I’M NOT TELLING EVERYONE NOT TO GO IF THEY DON’T GO TO CHURCH EVERY SUNDAY! I’M TELLING THEM THAT IT’S NOT A GOOD IDEA TO GO IF YOUR ONLY INTENTION IS JUST TO SEE JASON! I should have left the “every Sunday” part out though. I admit that I go to church very, very seldom. The few times I have gone to church in the past few years was because I was with friends or I heard such wonderful things about the church that I wanted to check it out for myself. I currently don’t have plans to go to Lake Pointe on that Sunday. But if I keep hearing good things about it and I have the time then I’ll consider going. I was impressed with the paster at Jason’s homecoming.

But I just wanted to say that if you have absolutely no interest in the church and only of seeing Jason in person again then maybe you should rethink it. Every Dreadhead who I have met has shown respect toward the Castros. But there are always those few who cross the line and that’s who I was referring to.

Someone else says its actually okay to go if you just want to see Stoner J:

My thought on this is that for the 1% who may go JUST to see Jason, you never know the real impact and if they won’t walk away with something much greater…

Ok. I know church is supposed to be an all-is-welcome, very open kind of place, but I don’t feel this behavior is respectful to Castro or his family, regardless of other things I’ve opined about them. Some things should be left sacred perhaps, after all, it is church.


Of course, this is not the first time a fan base has descended upon a contestant’s church while they were in attendance…

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  1. NotFanatical permalink
    October 28, 2008 8:28 pm

    “If you’re going to post on Zelda’s site, she’s going to see your IP address. You’ve handed over your reputation to someone that you’ve badly mistreated. I hope she resists the urge to out you for your sake but you don’t deserve that kindness.”

    A bit off topic, but this is interesting to me, and something I don’t know much about. How much can one tell from an IP address? And how does that work?

  2. NotFanatical permalink
    October 28, 2008 8:26 pm

    TopIdol said:”A lot of the gift giving stuff probably drove some people away, and there were probably other posters besides Zelda or Rachel who said, screw this, I’m out of here, this is stupid.”

    ::::::raising hand:::::::
    Actually, my thought was, “This is crazy!”
    I just could not wrap my mind around the fact that people were actually sending money to people out there in “internet land” to send balloons, buy gifts, etc. To me, that’s weird.
    At that point, I questioned why I was a member of a message board with those people, since I did not share what they thought. I felt I didn’t have all THAT much in common with them.
    Then, I kept reading, much like one would look at a traffic accident when they drove by.
    Then, the censorship was too much. That’s when I knew I did not belong there.

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