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Smartest Idol Ever: David Cook to do college tour

January 10, 2009

David Cook just vlogged and got a new puppy. He’s going to be doing a college tour. Smart.

David Cook, even though I can see why people might think you’re smug and/or fug, I still kind of like you. I like how you talk about “we” when discussing your career because you have a band you acknowledge. I like you because you’re smart. And in this video, you do look kind of tired, and I think you should lose the hat, but you’ve been busy these last few months. It’s probably been pretty damn scary. You’ve been forced to dodge crusty pink ladies’ underwear and perhaps you’ve come across some of the scary bisexual slash one of your fans writes about you & Michael Johns and then subsequently posts on the internets.

Perhaps you’ve also seen this disturbing video/slideshow on YouTube, composed entirely of zoomed-in shots of your package while Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back plays and undecipherable text flashes by talking about what a casual viewer can only concede is truly and utterly demented.

Like I said, you’re smart. Doing a college tour rather than embarking on a “regular” tour means you are almost guaranteeing yourself a younger and better behaved audience. 

Cook is looking to perform in smaller college venues around the country, which I assume to mean “on campus”. Smart. On campus shows are almost ALWAYS only open to students. Perhaps some of his fans will try and register for campus, but I think spring semester registration is coming to an end at most schools. Since there are no definite dates announced, it may be difficult for these die-hard fans to get into his shows. Safe to say, Cook and Co. may get to perform on stage without being pelted by crusty pink panties. 

(According to MJ’s Big Blog, Cook is looking to book college venues with about 1000 seats, and his asking price is between $5000 — 7550. He’s cheap, too!)

If you’re trying to gain a younger audience who may typically shun Idol artists, doing a college tour is the best way to try and gain new fans. Excellent idea. David Cook. You might be the Smartest Idol Ever. And guess what? My (almost) 18-year-old, college-bound nephew really likes your album.

I think you might have a chance, David Cook. Godspeed.

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