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The new season is almost upon us…

January 13, 2009

Sure, we can read a bunch of tired articles discussing the new format changes on AI. Or we can read fun stuff. Like the St. Petersburg Times‘ Pop Life blog written by Sean Daly.

He’s just listed the Top 5 Weirdest Idols of All Time. (And props to Daly! Not only does he grasp the stupidity in this inane little show, he also, like us, is a big Amanda Overmyer fan!)

Here is Daly’s List:

5. Clay Aiken: I interviewed Season 2’s Aiken a few years ago, and while he was polite and nice and not the creep some critics said he was, he also had a laugh that sounded like this:BweeeeHAAAAAheeemweeeehemmmm!!! I’m not saying that’s bad, but I’ve lost less hearing at an AC/DC concert. Clay is a total dork, but he’s aware of his dorkdom. Plus give him credit for courting the most intense Idol fans of all time: the Claymates. Love ya, ladies!

4. Kevin Covais: They called him “Chicken Little,” and indeed, his concave chest and pre-K Hokey Pokey dance moves made me feel sorry for him. I’m sure he was of age, but I kept waiting for social services to take him somewhere safer. Of course, it was one of Season 5’s great nailbiters whether Kevin would eventually get swallowed by Mandisa’s cleavage.

3. Jason Castro: In Season 7, Moonface McDreadlocks, the master of the bonfire, marked a first for the venerable reality show: the Stoner. Seriously, Castro looked so loopy and disinterested most of the time, I expected to see him sitting in the vote-off chairs with a bong and 7-Eleven nachos.

2. Phil Stacey: Nosferatu! Am I the only man who realized that the seemingly benign Stacey was in fact Vlad the Impaler? How else to explain his hypnotic allure with the ladies? Yes, yes, he was a credit to our country, and a fine family man and all that. But let’s be honest: He also turned into a bat sometimes. There, it’s out there. I said it. Let’s move on.

1. Amanda Overmyer-Daly: To paraphrase Ray Parker Jr., who should really be an Idol mentor this season: “I’m in love (I’M IN LOVE) with Amanda Overmyer-Daly! My life was fine (LIFE WAS FINE) ’til she blew my mind.” Has there ever been an angrier, ornier sluggo than this beauty? And yet, beneath her five-pack-a-day-howl and unfortunate coiff, there lurked someone who, well, wanted to stab me and steal my wallet. I miss you, AOD. Call me!

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  1. January 14, 2009 1:06 am

    You must not be Christian, to write such things! SHAME ON YOU.

  2. January 14, 2009 12:55 am


    • TopIdol permalink
      January 14, 2009 1:01 am

      I love it when I get blasted for things I did not even write. But I get simple pleasure in some of the sentences I have to write in response. Like “I like bald men and never thought he looked like Nosferatu.” Like when else in life do you ever get the chance to put those words together and make a sentence.

      Ah, the little things.

  3. wtgm3 permalink
    January 13, 2009 7:37 am

    Can’t you leave Phil Stacey be? Nothing about him being Nosferatu, but rather the great family man, patriot, man of God, and great artist, are what touched me. And Jason Castro is no stoner or disinterested, but an equally dedicated Christian young man who is pretty easy-going. You all that write this gargabe must really feel bad about yourselves that you have to find fault with someone who actually went out and did something instead of being an armchair critic.

    • TopIdol permalink
      January 13, 2009 11:17 am

      I’ve never heard Phil Stacey sing. I like bald men and never thought he looked like Nosferatu. This was just a funny article. People on this show are going to be made fun of, plain and simple.

      So I can’t really tell you anything about Phil Stacey. However, nothing will convince me Jason Castro isn’t a stoner. Hello? What does Jesus have to do with it? Check out Christians For Cannabis. He’s just enjoying something the lord created, right?

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