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Nadia Turner Alert! Nadia Turner Alert!

January 31, 2009

Nadia Turner and Anthony Federov (Trach Boy) were on AM TV in NYC the other day.

Federov did The Fantastiks off-broadway and performed in Europe after Idol. And he grew his hair out.

Funny, neither of them mention how awesome Greasy Constantine is. Gee, I wonder why. Was he an asshole to everyone that summer? Was it because he had an almost-fistfight with Scott Savol at a BBQ during the tour? Well, these are just a few things I heard…

Federov and Turner discuss the upcoming American Idol Rewind which focuses on [their] season 4. Because if you really feel like re-living it and all…check your local listings.

Nadia Turner is now living in NYC. I LOVE Nadia! She’s one of the only reasons I got into the show that season (the first season I ever watched). I was so pissed when she got booted. I kind of would love to see Nadia open for Alice Smith. That has the makings of being an excellent show.

Oh yeah, Coretta Scott Mercado, you may have copied Nadia’s hair but you could never copy her infinite coolness and originality. Nadia would NEVER sing Whitney Houston or any other tired ballad crap.

AND Nadia gets photo ops with REAL LIFE STUDS:

Nadia Turner and President Barack Obama

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