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Idol Worship: Michael Sarver & Harvest Church

February 20, 2009

Yeah. I know. I’ve disrespected the late, great Dusty Springfield. I love Dusty. I’m sure she would forgive me…

The only boys who could reach the Frauen
were some wannabe preacher men 

Michael Sarver: Bringing Down God's House

Newly-minted American Idol finalist Michael Sarver received a warm welcome back in Jasper, Texas today . As we all know, the warmest welcomes come from those who love the Jesus Man. 

(Check out some other photos from Flickr user dconstantine)

Sarver is a (SHOCKER) praise & worship leader at Harvest Church in Jasper. I really hope his strong religions beliefs do not prevent him from getting in that shuttle when he needs to help save the planet from that big asteroid. He needs to be in that SHUTTLE, not leading no praise & worship.

Harvest Church claims to be one of the most exciting Spirit Filled Churches in all of Southeast Texas. Their logo literally looks like something you would see hanging at the entrance of an overpriced gourmet sandwich shoppe (yes…spelled just like that) boasting artisan bread.

Their homepage features a simple Congratulations Michael Sarver in a somewhat tasteful way. No big flashy photo. Nothing too out of control. Now let’s check out what they believe down there at Harvest Church, one of the most exciting Spirit Filled Churches in all of Southeastern Texas.

They don’t seem too bad…can’t see much about the “prosperity gospel”, but I haven’t really begun to look…you know I don’t trust any place that baptizes you by dunking you in a big-ass tub. And I get kind of freaked out when people raise their hands up in such a fervent manner.

But will they give me Artisan Jesus? Pastor Marshall does use a laptop on his pulpit — Check out this video of Sarver singing in church

Who knows, perhaps I will be compelled to find out what Pastor Marshall is driving these days, but I am definitely curious about this Hebrews Coffee shop located in Harvest Church. Whoa…what? I think it’s supposed to be HeBrews? Oh come on now…making Jesus coffee and calling it Hebrew? This seems kind of wrong to me. But Hebrews Coffee Shop AND Harvest Church both offer free wi-fi.

Where art thou, Artisan Jesus, where art thou? On your Macbook Pro, I hope.

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  1. Hot and Anointed permalink
    February 22, 2009 4:31 am

    You’re freaked out by baptism and hand-raising? Really? LOL!

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