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Ricky Braddy will ride again?

February 22, 2009

Ricky Braddy is wasting his NASCAR name

According to the online edition of North Carolina newspaper The Daily Advance, Ricky Braddy is going to be returning for the Wild Card round. Or they’re pretty damn sure he will be.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Don’t count Ricky Braddy out just yet.

Braddy, a local contestant on the popular national talent show American Idol, was voted out of the top 12 on Wednesday, but is still in the running as a ”wild card” contestant.

Calls to the show’s PR department confirmed this, when The Daily Advance was told on Wednesday that Braddy was unavailable for interviews because he was still “in contest.”

Many local fans feel that Braddy simply hasn’t received enough airtime to make him prominent enough in the minds of viewers, which is affecting the number of votes he receives.

T.J. Long, Jr. of Edenton, the college pastor at Forest Park Church where Braddy’s family are members, said Braddy deserves more than what he’s been getting from American Idol producers.

“He was one of (Paula Abdul’s) top three picks, but wasn’t given the face time,” he said. “(Danny) Gokey and the others already have multiple Web sites and thousands of fans. Gokey and (Anoop) Desai have multiple videos on You Tube.”

In fact, according to Joes Place, Braddy’s “Braddy Bunch” fan site received a “cease and desist” order from American Idol’s Fremantle Media, and has been replaced with a square similar to The Brady Bunch TV square, with a missing person in the middle square.

“Due to legal reasons, Ricky has disappeared,” the Braddy Bunch site says. “Find the missing piece. Hint: Joes Place Blog is cool.”

But a search on Google of other contestants’ names turns up fan sites such as “I Heart Danny” and Alexis Grace’s MySpace page, which has over 300 fans and links to American Idol and even Simon Cowell.

A link from Joes Place Blog leads to another link at The Missing, which features an iTunes download of Braddy’s song from Tuesday night, “A Song for You.”

Long said Joes Place Blog is fueling speculation that Braddy is the “missing Square.”

“There’s a riddle by Braddy,” he said. “(Bloggers) all came to the conclusion that Ricky is the missing piece.”

Yeah, Idol. You better bring this kid back. What reason was his site shut down again? Because his parents were wearing t-shirts in support of his son? Maybe it’s because you’ve literally given a dead woman more air time than over half the Top 36. How come you didn’t try shutting down Anoop Dog? (Well, you best not be. Anoop better be coming back, too.)

Seriously, Idol, why is/was this kid cannon fodder? He’s from the south AND he’s active in a local megachurch. He has a decent voice and looks to secure both the Frauen and Tweens, especially the Evangelical set, which kind of seems like your primo demographic this season. Hell, he’s from NORTH CAROLINA. You can even draw in all the lapsed Claymates who ran for the hills once they discovered Aiken enjoyed the peen.

Or has he Braddy been set up from the get-go to make a triumphant return in the Wildcard round?

Yeah, uh Idol, wait a second…you sent a cease & desist letter to a fan-driven website, yet you allowed Forest Park Church to use what is an obvious likeness of the American Idol logo on their website?

Ricky Braddy's Forest Park Church endorses American Idol

Forest Park Church sells CDs of their weekly sermons, but only for $1. They also suggest them for use as coasters. Yeah, they do that dunking stuff, too, but I can’t find any evidence of miraculous, in-service healings on their website. In fact, most of the stuff has to do with community groups and missionary work.

Surprisingly, I can’t find a mention of Braddy on their website, either, but judging from the article above, they’re very happy for him. 

Yet, this has nothing to do with his church. I just like to throw the church stuff in there because that’s just what I do. Er, now it is, I guess. Churches seem to have little difficulty talking about Idol contestants who are part of the congregation. I think it might be good for business, although the thought of going to someone I saw sing on TV’s church is a tad bit creepy for my taste.

Why was this fansite instructed to shut down when other websites and forums for contestants are everywhere? You can’t pull that sort of crap and not expect people to ask questions. But then again, American Idol is hypocritical as, uh, “non-denominational” Christian megachurches specializing in prosperity theology.

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  1. February 22, 2009 8:17 pm

    Adam Lambert, perhaps.

  2. Sane Jason Fan permalink
    February 22, 2009 2:04 pm

    Rickey should come back but I don’t think Simon likes him. And he’s a threat to Golden Boy Danny. I’m beginning to think they’re going to weed out anyone who would have a chance to win other than Danny. So far they’ve gotten rid of Anoop too. The Top 12 will be Danny plus 11 fodder contestants.

    Seriously is there any contestant who isn’t involved with some church?

    • Ian permalink
      March 5, 2009 4:37 pm

      America decided who goes through to the final 12 and ultimately becomes America’s Idol. Not everything is a conspiracy. Keep in mind Michael Sarver and Anoop were only like 20,000 votes between them (which is not a lot, considering millions of votes come through). So hate on Mike, not Danny. lol.

      • TopIdol permalink
        March 5, 2009 4:52 pm

        Thank you for reminding me, Ian.

        I felt bad hating on Sarver before. Hell, I’m sure they’re all nice people. But I really don’t understand why he made it to the Top 12 over the likes of several others.

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