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Hey There Sexy Guy: How can you vote for a 13th contestant?

March 8, 2009

Call this number. Don’t worry. It’s free…


Hmmm…wonder what they’ll do about this come Tuesday? How will you place your vote for contestant #13?

(Found on a respectable message board, I swear.)

Hey all – so I spend so much time working on DialIdol during the year I don’t often have my pulse on everything going on outside of DialIdol. That’s usually where you all keep me up-to-date and I appreciate it!

One thing I noticed this weekend while I was testing and I am wondering if anyone had heard anything about – phone numbers!

We all know the phone numbers to vote : 1-8… through 5712.

Usually if you call these numbers outside a voting window they are busy and that is the case today.

However… This year there are 13 contestants. It appears that American Idol does not own 1-866-436-5713 (or 1-866-436-5700 for that matter). I’d advise you not to call either number as the content is not rated G.

This raises the question – what the heck are they going to do for the 13th contestant? Has anything heard anything? New numbers? New voting system entirely? A lone non-contiguous number? Are they frantically trying to buy the number? Am I just dialing wrong?

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  1. Sane Jason Fan permalink
    March 8, 2009 5:56 pm

    Wow, they really thought this one through. I’m glad they prepare in advance. This is only the #1 show on TV. Nice work, guys.

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