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Rock of Love Bus Jamie has a quasi-fan video

March 8, 2009

Someone made a fan tribute video to the three “wild card” chicks on Rock of Love Bus.

Granted, it is only 50 seconds long.

Greasy Constantine’s “merch girl / assistant” is the only one still riding the ROL Bus (In tonight’s episode, she let it all hang out while cuddling with Bret on a beach blanket! In Ms. Ross’ defense, she did need to step it up since all the children they were babysitting hated her guts.)

No wonder the 3rd girl, Kammie, was a big FAIL. Silly girl. You can’t play football in stripper heels!

Check out one of the video’s comments:

I went to school with Jaime Ross. Crazy as hell seeing a small town girl from Northern Illinois on TV. The weird part is she was so shy she barely even spoke a word is all I remember about her.

It’s always the shy ones, isn’t it?

On next week’s episode, they bring out the ex-boyfriends. (Some Greasy Constantine cohort named Hamboussi is playing Jamie’s ex, although from what I understand, they never dated.)

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  1. March 9, 2009 5:33 am

    Ho ho ho
    Ho ho ho
    What a skanky hooooooo

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