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Adam Lambert is kicking back cocktails with SATAN

March 10, 2009

Adam Lambert does not need your prayers

Unfortunately, the beautiful prayer page I discovered last week has now been made private. Oh, I knew it was inevitable, however, I also knew how important it was to have faith.

Because I totally had faith in one thing. I would find even more prayers for American Idol contestants.

Even if you’re trying to hide them. Remember, the are always ways to find things on the internet!

If you want to pray for Adam from this Seasons AI PLEASE DO NOT POST HIS LAST NAME! I will start a new prayer thread for him, but not with his real last name. I have a site and I put a prayer thread for Adam on their using his first & last name on it. I don’t know if that is how, but a vicious anti-christian American Idol website caught wind, sniffed us out & pounced. In the process of attack, there were claims that some loved Adam & followed his careeer for 2 years, but ended up sounding like they were just out to get him too. For his personal protection I closed that prayer thread on there  Sad . But Still feel like I am being directed by God to pray somewhere safer with my friends for him. So, for his personal safety & so the afore mentioned site or others can not find us here, please do not post his last name when praying for him on here, anywhere! Thank you so much.

So I’m anti-Christian, huh? And my blog post was an attack? Hmmm…I’m going to have to disagree. I was just kind of pointing out how maybe prayer time should be spent on more important things and oh, how it’s pretty much wrong to pray for something to “not be gay”.

LORD, I lift up Adam and ask for him to be safe Jesus. I ask that You will shelter him in the shadaow of Your Mighty Wings. Keep watch over his steps Jesus. I pray that he will be saved Jesus. To live a life of meaning & purpose unto his creator & savior. I ask that You will continue to surround him with lovers of Christ. Your followers Jesus, who reflect Your heart & Light. I ask for Adam to see this & to be curious about it LORD. I pray that You will show him the Truth that is You, Jesus. I pray for restoration & hope for him & his earthly father. I pray & ask that there will be healing that takes place in his own heart about any relationship that has gone sour. LORD, I Claim Adam YOURS By the Power & the Blood of the Cross! I ask for complete victory for him in his life.Protect him Father from the ones that claim they love him & his career, but who make plans in ir hearts for evil against him. I stand by his side & hold onto his hand & fight for him & his safety Jesus. I risk my own heart to protect this young Man Jesus. Knowing that the enemy is angry with me, and wanting to devour me. But I thank You Jesus, That he can not touch me, because I am Your Princess! Your Warrior Bride! And I stand firm in the face of this enemy & say, “You can not have him! You can not have me! And You can not have my friends! And You Absloutly can not have American idol!” I stand in firm belief LORD, That this show is going to Revolutionize the world, because it is Yours! You have taken ownership, and You can not be stop!! I Praise Your Name Jesus! I shout out Your Name for Joy! My Savior My strong tower & shelter over me! My refuge & safety!!! Jeus, send Your Angels to Adam & surround him on every side, thousands upon Ten thousand, as I shout out the Battle Cry “For God & For American Idol!” I fight hard for the contestants & the judges & Ryan Secreast! I fight for I know this battle belongs to our God!!! LORD, Take hold of this season! Take Hold of Your children, and move them for You in this fight. And yes, Jesus, Adam is Your child! He is going to be Your Child! Take him up & into Your arms of great compassion, mercy & love LORD, Jesus. May he take refugee in his saviors love. Set Walls around him that he can be safe. Jesus, protect My prayer page. Give me wisdom on how I should accept Members & when I should not. Give me instruction on the Adam prayer thread. Show me if & when I should re-open it. I want to protect Adam from the enemy who has come to destroy him. Satan You can Not Have Him! “What grace has given to me. Let it Pass to him. Let him be spared. Come Back to the Light.” I fight as a sheil madien in my Fathers Kingdom, and I say to the enemy who claims “No Man Can kill me!” I say to his face, “I AM NO MAN!!!” And I ask LORD, for Adam to be saved! I pray for safety for Adam especially Jesus. For You have such a Huge Plan for him! Your plans are great & Mighty & Adam will be apart of this blessing, and be able to stand with You. Thank You Jesus for calling my heart to pray for him, and to watch over him with my prayers. Jesus it is a privilege. Help me to continue to ask for his soul & to fight ofor him. The Battle Belongs o The LORD, and I am a part of it!  ~In Your Name Jesus I pray. ~Amen

For God and For American Idol!!!

I’m sorry, but that totally made me giggle…

Anyway, esteemed prayer warriors, think about it this way: I’m just spreading the gospel. I’m getting your words out there. To the masses, er, the few people who read this shit blog. Please, look at this as a good thing.

Come on, don’t you want others like you to join in? Others who are hoping for American Idol to become an American Revival?

Women line up at Faith Builders International Style Ministry

LORD, Jesus, Please be near everyone involved in this show. Move across their hearts & minds, and may they recieve the Truth of Christ. Bring revival to American Idol, LORD. Use it to being about revival across America. In Your Name, Jesus, I pray.~Amen

Uh oh. You’re worried Adam may be so far deep into the “forces of evil”, he might draw other contestants in with all-powerful, all-consuming “evil”? Are you worried he’s going to uh…make one of the other guys GAY? 

And would it look like this?

Kris Allen and Adam Lambert: As imagined by a fan

LORD, I think about Adam quite a lot anymore. He is on my heart & mind through out my day. I ask that as I think about him, I will pray for him. I ask that You will shelter him in Your wings. Take him in Your arms LORD, and break those chains of darkness & evil that are binding his soul. I ask that he will be  influenced by You, Jesus, when he encounters, Danny, Scott, Matt, Kris, & Micheal. I pray for his heart to be drawn to You. I also pray sheilds of protection around All the other contestants on this show. LORD, I do not know what Adam has been apart of that could potentially bring harm or darkness to them as well. Place Walls of prtection around all of these young people LORD, and the Judges & Ryan himself. LORD, Continue working & moving & shaping Your will in this competition. Save Adam from the deep chasm of spearation from You. Give him eyes & a heart of great faith. To reach out to the One who came to save him with His own Life. Jesus, walk with Adam. Be near him, and watch over him. LORD, I claim him Your, and covered in the Sinless Blood of Christ! Bring him to that Place of Salvation & surrender to You. In Your Name, Jesus, I pray~Amen

Why is it all about the judges and Ryan? What about all the others who take a paycheck from the show? And what about DEBBIE THE STAGE MANAGER??? What? She doesn’t deserve your prayers? Think about how difficult and stressful her job might be, all the things she has to put up with on a daily basis. Well, I’m going to pray for Debbie the Stage Manager if you’re not.

Debbie The Stage Manager

LORD, For Adam, I pray & cry out to You, constantly praying he be taken out of the shadows. And be saved by the hand of God lifting his soul out of the pits of hell he is in. LORD, I pray that You will have mercy & compassion upon his soul. Reach him with Your Truth Jesus. And Your light. I ask that he will be saved in You. Be near him now, Jesus. Touch his heart & mind while he sleeps. Watch over him, LORD. Use Your sevants & faithful hearted followers to be safe as well. I pray they will speak words of Life to Adam. LORD, May he be saved. In Your Name, Jesus. ~Amen

Hmmm…he’s confident, talented and is performing in front of millions of people and is becoming a household name. His parents seem to love him, too. Yes. All evidence points to Jesus being totally pissed off.

And I bet Adam is kicking back Mai Tais with Satan as I write. Satan and Adam are singing their favorite Judy Garland performances and drinking Mai Tais! PRAY HARDER!!! PRAY HARDER!!!

LORD, Your Love for Adam is so deep. So fierce & compassionate. You deeply long for him to be Yours. I ask that today he will be drawn away from the deeds of darkness, and into the Light, that he can truly see how much he needs You. I ask for him to be able to really see Jesus in the young Christian men he is around. I ask that he will be curious. To ask question & get answers. And I pray that the answer will always be Jesus.I pray that Adam will see the brokeness, and the sinfulness of his heart, and be brought to his knees at the Foot of Your Cross LORD. I ask that You will save him, that he will be a MIGHTY Witness for Christ! Touch those places in Adam’s heart LORD, where it is hard, and not able to be molded easily. I ask that instead of a heart of stone, he will have a heart that is soft & teachable. I ask that You will sweep away those shadows that have darkned his heart & mind for so Long Jesus. Touch him deeply with Your grace, forgiveness & Love today. I pray Adam Yours by Your blood, Jesus, that saved us. in Your Name, I ask, pray & believe. ~Amen

I heard about 9 people were shot to death in Alabama today. Pray for them. What about all the people screwed over by Bernie Madoff? Too busy praying for an attractive, talented gay male who is gaining national attention for being uh, talented?  YES. Satan LOVES Adam. 

I mean, look, Vegas oddsmakers are now placing him as the one to WIN IT ALL! Even more sin! Gambling! No, Satan, nooooooooo!

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  1. Patty Clarity permalink
    January 6, 2010 8:40 pm

    First of all, I am a Christian. I am a catholic and I believe in Jesus’ healing power and love. But honestly, God doesnt care if someone is gay or not. Do u realize how many people there are in the world who are dying of hunger? God loves each and everyone of us the way we are. It is written. God doesnt judge. Humans do. There is NO evil in Adam. DO u know who’s evil? Satan is. He is not satan. God is here for all. U think its a sin becuz its not written in the bible. SO what? Many things arent written in the bible. But Jesus teaches us that the letter of the law isnt important, but rather its the spirit of the law that is important. Read the parable of the good samaritan. And may God enlighten you. Good bye.

  2. georgiacap permalink
    May 21, 2009 3:50 am

    religion is manipulated and completely man made. the end. why do they care who he gets fucked by? the only people who are against fags are closet fags. ps i love how the first picture hes dressed like alex from a clockwork orange. sooooo great

  3. Weird Sister permalink
    March 26, 2009 2:48 pm

    “What grace has given to me. Let it Pass to him. Let him be spared. Come Back to the Light.” I fight as a sheil madien in my Fathers Kingdom, and I say to the enemy who claims “No Man Can kill me!” I say to his face, “I AM NO MAN!!!”

    Okay, seriously? This prayer is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. It had already delved into frenzied hilarity BEFORE she started quoting from Lord of the Rings movies. Oh.My.God. Speaking of, I’m sure God was impressed with the added drama of sci-fi film dialogue.

    Adam = Frodo?

  4. Steph permalink
    March 12, 2009 10:14 am

    LOL You gotta love crazy god warriors. Thanks to shows like Trading spouses I imagine them as obese, crazy and loud.

    “I’s so Daaaark sided!!!! I’m a GAWWWWWD WARRIOR!!!!!!!! Not a CHRIIIIIIISTIAN!!!!”

  5. Sane Jason Fan permalink
    March 11, 2009 5:30 pm

    Poor Adam. These people want to raise him up and surround him with walls and angels. It’s exhausting just reading it all. I know God has infinite patience and wisdom but but even He must be tempted to yell down “OKAY. I’VE GOT IT.” after being on the receiving end of one of these pleas.

    • TopIdol permalink
      March 11, 2009 6:06 pm

      I’ve always dug the irony that these are the people who keep begging for Jesus to return.

      Uh…yeah. These are exactly the people he thought would be his most ardent followers.

      And they wonder why he hasn’t turned up yet. (Come to think of it, not totally unlike Idol fans a few seasons out…)


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