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More pre-Idol musical stylings of Adam Lambert

April 11, 2009

More pre-Idol music from Adam Lambert, from when he was involved with a producer/DJ named Digital Glitter.

This one is called Gigolo:

And this is Oh My Ra:

And if you wish to download them, you can do so here. I think I prefer him in his electro element. Those trance-house beats seem to drown out any screeching. although it still might best be washed down with a Mitsubishi double-stack circa 1999.

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  1. Randy permalink
    June 19, 2009 2:02 pm

    I like these newly-discovered Adam gems. I really don’t know which Adam I like more: Queen/KISS glam rock Adam, Digital Glitter/Brazen techno Adam, or Brigadoon musical Adam. He’s great at everything.

  2. Kovacs permalink
    April 13, 2009 7:27 pm

    Is this the kind of record he wants to produce after AI?

    If it is, it will be one massive FAIL! Adam L, meet Blake Lewis. Fine it’s catchy but it doesn’t have any mainstream appeal at all.

    On the plus side, his voice is unrecognizable. I fucking hate his one-higher-octave voice.

  3. April 12, 2009 5:05 am

    Three words: Erasure Cover Album

    He could break my chains of love anytime…

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