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SYTYCD Top 18 Results: Killing off Brunettes One-By-One

June 19, 2009

So I saw the opening Mia Michaels dance to Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground. The androgyny of the costumes was pleasant, solely for the fact I could not immediately pick out Kayla and her Hot Mess Face, however, the henna tattoo shit everyone was sporting was way too Mike Tyson for me. Come on, you know you were thinking the same damn thing.

Then I saw Caitlin & Jason go to the Bottom 3. And that one couple I liked was safe. Yay! Caitlin is in the Bottom 3!

And then I fell asleep. On my sofa. And I haven’t looked at the results yet but I may as well do that now.




I now hate this show. They have eliminated Max and Ashley, putting Hot Mess and Kupono together next week. This takes away all the joy of having Hot Mess in the Bottom 3. Kupono and Hot Pink Mess are the judge’s wet dream.

Nice job, SYTYCD, killing off another brunette. Ade’s Pick and myself are NOT pleased.

Who else misses last season?? Cat Deeley, use your magical goddess powers and bring back last season’s contestants!

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  1. Kiwiana permalink
    July 17, 2009 6:14 am

    FYI – the ‘tribal’ Maori tattoos painted on their faces was hugely disrespectful to Maori as well as doing pukana (poking the tongue out). Traditionally these are sacred and personal tools that tells a persons history and connection. To then use it so flippantly is f&*$ing disgusting, but not suprising for arrogant and ignorant Americans!!
    Disrepsectful twats.

  2. James permalink
    July 3, 2009 4:27 am

    Nooooo, last season was even worse! I only loved Gev and Mark when he wasn’t alone. And Katee, she was awesome. Okay, and Twitch seemed like a freaking awesome person. That’s really it though. The judges couldn’t let us think for ourselves, but instead had to literally SHOVE Joshua down our throats. Hell, they even gave him Bollywood and two pimp spots in three weeks. How is that not bullshit? I hate last season.

  3. June 19, 2009 9:44 pm

    NOOO! I love Ashley! And Kupono!
    America is going to witness the fall of Kupono because of stupid Peroxide Kayla!

  4. June 19, 2009 4:23 pm

    I believe the faux tattoos were supposed to be Maori facial tattoos. Hence the addition of tongues sticking out at the end.

    I always find it interesting to note who gets to dance in the center/front of the group performances, especially Mia Michaels’ ones (I seem to remember Katee getting the lead often in her pieces last season). This time it was Ade, Kupono, and Jason. I think the lead girl was Jeanette, but with the tattoo (mask?), dark expression, and sleek hair, it was hard to tell who it was…

    Max? Seriously? Even though I like Kupono a lot, I was totally expecting him to be gone. I guess the cuteness/non-receding-hairline factor (and the memory of fellow Hawai’ian, Mark) outweighs fantastic Latin ballroom. My guess is Nigel was the deciding vote on that one. As producer, he probably figured the frauen wouldn’t really get attached to Max.

    I’m also sad to see Ashley go. I had really come to like her, not just for being brunette. 😉 But obviously the judges aren’t *too* sad, since they didn’t take her 4 years in a row.

    I blame Shane Sparks. When *both* couples (Ashley & Kupono, Caitlin & Jason) you choreograph crash and burn it shouldn’t reflect poorly on the dancers, but on you. Obviously there was some issues with his communication of the moves, or how he put them together. Yeah, yeah, it could just be bad-luck-of-the-draw that he ended up with two couples who already had problems synching up (something everyone but the judges saw last week with the Bollywood routine; we didn’t get the opportunity to see Ashley & Kupono try synchronization), but I thought the routines sucked so I’m dumping it all on his head (though I did like the concept of the shadow one).

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