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Tweet at last, Tweet at last, Thank God Almighty Coretta Scott is on Twitter and in Dreamgirls

June 28, 2009

Coretta Scott Mercado wants you to follow her on Twitter.

So she made a video about it. It’s kind of bizarre. There were squirrels, Kristy Lee Cook, people chanting her name, her almost speaking in Spanish, her doing something which was either a Mandarin dialect or an imitation of something of the ilk.

Well, even Syesha Mercado now has steady work, as she is joining the touring cast of Dreamgirls in the role Deena Jones, the very pretty but not-so-talented chick who becomes the act’s frontwoman based on her looks. So you really can’t say its not appropriate casting.

Dreamgirls opens at the world-famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, so I’m POSITIVE we will be hearing some memorable words from Ms. Coretta Scott Mercado on such a momentous occasion for her, especially in the wake of Michael Jackson’s death (The Jackson 5 won the Amateur Night competition there, which led to them being signed by Berry Gordy’s Motown Records).

I always had high hopes for Coretta Scott Mercado, but then she kept opening her mouth and singing complete crap. She was cute! With really fun hair! I was hoping she would help make up for the hole in my heart caused when Nadia Turner was unceremoniously given the boot during Season 4. Coretta Scott Mercado taught me fun hair does not mean a cool singer. BOO!!!

Oh well, maybe she will surprise us one day. Until then,  Coretta Scott Mercado has steady work AND she wants you to follow her on Twitter.

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    Thanks for your nice post !

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