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So You Think You Can Dance Top 14 Spoilers

June 30, 2009


Ohhh…Ade’s Pick. And Cat Deeley, I have missed you both more than you will ever know.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I’ve sucked about doing my SYTYCD recaps with any consistency, but hey, I’ve been busy.

I’m sure they’ll off another brunette female this week, so one of both of the girls with the J-names, watch out. (Hey, I forgot, ok…) You’re being sacrificed each week only so the ghastly-looking Hot Pink Mess Kayla can keep going.

But yay for SYTYCD this week! Kelly Clarkson! Tabitha & Napoleon! And BOOOO! Broadway Tyce. (Well, at least he’s not judging.)

And yay for filling those plastic highballs with the Captain and a splash of coke! Crazy Mary Murphy loves loves loves the Jesus Juice.

Anyway, here are some spoilers courtesy of MJ’s Big Blog.

Spoilers for the top 14 performance episode:
Karla and Vitolio — Quickstep
Melissa and Ade — Pas de deux
Janette and Brandon  — Latin
Kayla and Kupono — Contemporary
Randi and Evan— Broadway by Joey Dowling
Caitlin and Jason —
Jeanine and Phillip — Hip Hop by Napoleon and Tabitha

Third judge is Mia Michaels.

Spoilers for the top 14 results episode:
Guest Performer is Kelly Clarkson
Guest dancers are Desmond Richardson and Patricia Hachey
Group routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio

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