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Constantine Maroulis — Douchebag in the (any) City

July 18, 2009

Post-performance at recent VIP Party at Swatch - Times Square

Post-performance at recent VIP Party at Swatch - Times Square

Greasy Constantine may have a Tony Nomination on his resume, but it doesn’t mean much when people who are not even familiar with you or your work always get the exact same first impression upon meeting you.

Constantine Maroulis, you’re a douchebag.

An intern blogging about their experiences working at a talent/PR agency in NY had some choice words about the infamous American Idol alumni.

On a lighter note, Constantine, former contestant from American Idol and currently staring in. Broadway’s Rock of Ages as the lead, came through Abrams today. Apparently he’s more disliked than anything else. He came in to record a Verizon commercial VO.

A voiceover for a Verizon commercial? What? Is James Earl Jones no longer under contract? Is James Earl Jones…is he okay? Oh please, if James Earl Jones is the next iconic figure to drop dead and become a big Trending Topic on Twitter, I don’t know what I will do.

Anyway, apparently Verizon was not informed of the Constantine Maroulis Meltdown at a Cingular store from a few years back. It remains documented in all its beautiful hilarity on Defamer.

From March 16, 2006.

I had a great sighting of Constantine Maroulis (you know, Bo Bice s inferior from last years American Idol) at the Cingular store on Beverly near the Beverly Center just three hours ago. As you may or may not know, that Cingular store makes you sign in when you walk through the door and wait for someone to call your name. I was in the process of waiting for my name to be called when a guy walked in that looked just like Constantine. He had the long, unwashed brown hair, was carefully unshaven and was wearing those big rocker sunglasses. Of course, that describes about half the guys in LA. He looked so much like Constantine that I figured it couldn t possibly be him, so I ignored him. Well, he didn t sign in. He just went and got behind someone else in line. After standing there and looking like a kick ass rocker for about 5 minutes, the Cingular Guy (who was still working with a customer) asks Rocker Guy, Can I help you, sir? After wiping the dumb look off his face, Rocker Guy retorts, I m waiting for help, incredulous at the question. And the Cingular Guy patiently, without attitude, said, Oh, you need to sign in at the front and we ll call you. Well, Rocker Guy looked like someone told him to go fuck himself in Chinese (you know, confused and angry at the same time). He says, What?! The Cingular Guy repeats himself. Sign in at the front door and we ll call your name. Now Rocker Guy just looks perplexed (maybe if he took his sunglasses off inside he d be able to see and comprehend things better). Rocker Guy: What else did you say? Cingular Guy: Nothing, sir. Now, I’m ten feet away. The guy didn t say anything besides the above and was not being snide or snarky. Instead, he was trying to be helpful. Well, Rocker Guy loses it. He points at Cingular Guy, over the customer being helped and says, Don t you fucking condescend to me! You’re the one that fucking works at Cingular! No exaggeration. And he says condescend just like Brad Pitt did in True Romance with like three extra vowels and two extra n s. It was hilarious and everyone in the store saw it. Of course, after that craziness, you expect him to storm out. But, no! He goes and signs his name and waits. I figured he would have been tossed for dropping the F-bomb alone, but no one says or does anything. I just tried not to crack up. After the outburst, though, I’m positive its not Constantine. No one remotely in the public eye would make that much as of an ass of himself over something so stupid. Not two minutes later, though, Rocker Guy takes off his sunglasses and reveals himself to be, yes, THE Constantine.

Isn’t it incredible this guy still gets work? Or has a handful of fans?

One of the Greaseman’s recent Tweets is a bit curious, and disturbing. It may vaguely allude to something about uh…the sequel to the Sex and the City movie? (Granted, I hated most of the movie. It didn’t even compare to the show and was essentially a montage of designer goods and lacked much of the humor and heart of the series…I guess that’s a good way to sum it up in a sentence, perhaps.)

I doubt Constantine Maroulis would even be allowed near the set of Sex and the City. Of course, this has sent his rabid fans into a speculative tizzy on what he may be doing in the film.

I can see the credits now…

“Guy on Crackberry at Party – Constantine Maroulis”
“Guy Bending Samantha Over the Sink – Constantine Maroulis” tm someone else
“Fucking Artist – Constantine Maroulis”

the possibilities are endless. lol.

Yeah, uh, um…I don’t think Constantine Maroulis would be cast as the heir apparent to Smith Jerrod, do you? Kim Cattrell’s Samantha Jones may have scrwed her share of men, but even she had standards. Hell, even in Stanford Blatch’s loneliest gay bachelor days, he wouldn’t have even tapped that greasy cesspool.

The also wonder if he may be doing a song for the movie. Uh…have you heard the guy sing? He sucks. And they already have Jennifer Hudson as a go-to girl.

I would think this might be a really good possibility.

But if that’s not it, maybe the SATC girls will see the show in the movie?

And for the record, if they were by chance to hook up Samantha & Constantine (I’m just wishful thinking), I think I would just squee myself to death with delight. LOL

Squee yourself to death with delight, huh? I certainly don’t think Kim Cattrell would have the same sentiments.

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  1. beinghonest permalink
    July 24, 2009 2:08 pm

    yeah I know it was I already read he said he had allergies but nobody quits a show for that. I mean have more balls rthen him i went to school a whole the whole week i had a stomach flu. I remember he had a terrible cold with flu like symptoms and he still did the dam show so he means he was too high to get his lazy ass out of bed this is the reason why he will never get any respect from the acting nor singing world. I see cruise ships in his future.

  2. July 24, 2009 8:53 am

    in bryant park in nyc every thursday different broadway shows perform a few songs live. but your buddy Constantine was a no show (eventhough most other plays main stars show). some official looking dude was asked by somebody why he wasn’t there and the response was “allergies”. what a wanker excuse. anyways i took some video of the show which was fine without him.

    Rock Of Ages Hits Bryant Park

  3. beinghonest permalink
    July 20, 2009 10:55 pm

    I second that Slyvia! because I just look to see what da douche is going to eye fuck next. Its pitiful that all his fans are nasty and majority of them are over forty I admit that when I was 17 I found him enticing but thats cuz I was 17! I thought he was different then he got a big ass ego and for no reason at that. Then his eye fucking got annoying because it wasnt like he was on idol anymore so he didnt have to keep doing it but he did! U need a life jezebel if your following that teen abusing womanizing pot smoking jackass and u know whats fucked up u know he did it and u dont care! U need help if you had a daughter I bet ud let him sleep with her if it ment he’d fuck u dayum shame…womwn like you give us sane women a bad name..bottom line he knew wht he was doin was wrong but he was so horny he didnt care wtf?

  4. Sylvia permalink
    July 20, 2009 8:43 pm

    I think jezebel needs to get a life and stop tarding over the greasiest teenaged butt-fucking douchebag in America.

    Anyone second the motion?

    The ayes have it!

  5. jezebel permalink
    July 20, 2009 6:46 am

    You are so hilarious! You seem to know everything about Constantine and even visit his fan site.

    I pity you – have a life and stop following Con’s tweets. K?

  6. beinghonest permalink
    July 18, 2009 3:37 pm

    Ok freakin H i l arrr ious! wtf would he be doin in that sequel? Your right the first film was bad the original film start was much better and you know if he does et a part i bet he be having sex with some blonde naive idiot and this will not help his career at all Its ironic cuz i just said he should step his game up! If he does this his career will sink faster then a fat man in a tub of butter! It will not help change his image to get work your audience has to respect you and from the looks of things its not gonna happen. I have an eerie feeling that this rock of ages crap will be the only real highlight of his career. Maybe he should shave cut his dam hair change the color gray contacts would work because we all get sick with the eye boinking, have respect for his fans and maybe it will work out

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