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LeighKat’s Long Island Idol Tour Recap — August 11, 2009

August 29, 2009

My apologies to Leigh, who sent me this over a week ago. I still have to finish MY recap from the Boston show last week.

And if any of you have recaps, send them over! I would love to get one from the Milwaukee show last night, however, I believe the tour heads to St. Louis tonight, the city where I was born and raised. So if you’re going in St. Louis, I demand you send me a recap! 🙂

Without further ado, here is Leigh’s take on the Long Island show. Leigh is actually from the Cayman Islands, and caught the show while visiting the NY area. What does Leigh being from the Cayman Islands mean for you? It means she’s your go-to girl for Tortuga Rum Cakes and Big Black Dick Rum. She may even be able to help you find a bank in which to store your dirty money.

LeighKat at the American Idol Tour -- August 11, 2009 -- Long Island

Ok, Leigh. I’m just kidding. I love the Cayman Islands…although I think I like Jamaica a bit more, mainly because the physical geography of the island is much more varied…but that’s okay, too. Because Leigh was born in Jamaica, so I’m totally not insulting her. But I should get started with her recap now, shouldn’t I?

LeighKat (Twitter)  aka CaymanKrisFan (KrisAllenation)

I attended the concert with my mother and aunt (both in their early 50’s, very groovy and ‘hip ladies!), and I am 27. My aunt is a HUGE Adam fan. My mom and I lean more towards the Kick Awesomeness that is Kris Allen. From here on out, I will refer to our group as the island posse (We travelled from Jamaica and the Cayman Islands) and yes, we are self proclaimed fantards.

A funny note — we were among the very few “people of colour” in the crowd.

Of course you were, Leigh. Idol concerts may be even whiter than a Dave Matthews/DMB show.

We had floor seats, decent view but, a bit far from the stage. Not a wise choice considering none of us are over 5’5” tall. The venue was very crowded — almost sold out by my estimation. The standard screaming when each Idol popped up on the screens. Very loud for Kris and VERY loud for Adam. Already we were smiling and laughing, and joining the rest of the fantards in cheering when our faves appeared on the screen! I noticed there were some particularly uptight individuals in the row in front of us. They kept turning back and dishing out disapproving stares and head shakes. I laughed and said “You haven’t seen anything yet! Get used to it!” The groups next to us burst out laughing! I was backed up by enthusiastic “Yeahs” — fantards in full effect! I was feeling invincible! LOL!

My recap of the performances won’t be too detailed and are, by no stretch of the imagination, professional, just passing opinions and observations.

Michael Sarver kicked off the show and I actually enjoyed his set. We sang along and danced, as did many people in our section and throughout the audience. Michael was entertaining and went up a couple notches in my book. The rest of the “island posse” agreed and my aunt, the diehard Adam fan, was actually cheering on Sarver! Sarver, you managed to charm a Glambert!

Megan Joy: She looked lovely as has been mentioned in several recaps. Here first song was very nice — voice much improved. Didn’t love the second song too much and the wacky background animation was distracting. She moved around and danced a bit.

Lil Rounds was next and she did a great job of pumping up the crowd a bit. She seemed to be having fun with her set and looked pretty. Her voice sounded a bit strange — like she was fighting a cold — which is very possible considering the hectic schedule this crew is plowing through. For “Single Ladies”, she talked about the choreography and while Lil was dancing around, I was expecting something more — it was really just her doing some random moves from the Beyonce video. Regardless of what I thought — the rest of the “island posse” was getting down to the song and having a blast with others in our section. Never thought I’d see the day when my mother danced to a Beyonce song — something MUST have been in the air in that place!

You were expecting more, too? As was I. As I think I did every time she performed on the show. But  yes, when she announced they used the same choreographer for her on-stage routine to Single Ladies, I was expecting much more. Lil Rounds…was that even dancing?

Scott was next and he did a good job. Strong, clear voice, songs that many people around me were singing along to. He got a wonderful reception from the audience and tried to really engage the crowd with his cheesy, yet amusing jokes. “Good Job Scott” from the “island posse”.

Next up — Nooooooop Dogg! Yes, we were chanting that from our section! Sadly, this chant wasn’t really in line with the ridiculously cheesy sky background that Anoop had going on at the beginning of his set though. Really, what the hell was that? I had high hopes for Anoop but, was bored during most of his set. Had a good laugh at his random gyrating during My Prerogative — you can tell that Noop Dogg really thinks he’s hot! Overall, his set was decent. The rest of the island contingent felt the same.

And then came Matt Giraud… what can I say? His set was… HOT!! Loved, loved, loved it. His showmanship was up 100% and he was clearly having a good time. I was on my feet, dancing for his entire set. He engaged the audience and thanked everyone for supporting the tour. I have no idea why he gets so much flak for his version of You Found Me. I found his rendition powerful, full of passion and got swept away. By the end of his set, I was yelling “Sign Matt Giraud!” along with a few others. Although the chanting did not catch on in our section, the elderly gentleman behind us was on his feet clapping heartily! First signs of life I saw from him that night. At this point, I am grinning from ear to ear.

Although he killed Quatto, I found myself actually enjoying Giraud’s set, too. I think his years of playing in a dueling piano bar have served him well on the Idol tour.

Now time to close out the first half — group numbers and dueling pianos. The duet with Megan Joy and Lil was totally bizarre — I don’t get the logic with that song choice Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You or whatever it’s called; just bad, really bad. Why do these two need to be singing “I need you baby” and so badly at that? Dueling pianos were great — the best was definitely “Beggin” again, I was on my feet and dancing away.

That song always makes me think of the great film, 10 Things I Hate About You.

Wow…I thought this recap would be a lot shorter…oh well, if you’ve read this far then, I guess you’re committed and won’t mind if I ramble on some more some funny stuff to follow.

During the break, they rolled the videos and Ford commercials for the ten thousandth time and we talked to people in our section. Mostly Kris, Adam and Danny fans in our vicinity. I asked some ladies next to me if they had any idea where the buses would be and they couldn’t understand what I was saying. I laughed, “Is my accent really that hard to decipher?” — more blank stares. When they finally understood what I was asking, I discovered they had no clue where the buses would be. Surprise, surprise. The “island posse” would just have to go into full stalker mode after the concert to find the location. My neighbors were very sweet though and we had a couple of laughs that night.

Suddenly, the coliseum goes dark and AlliKat hits the stage! Yeah Allison!!! Her set was loud and high energy. I enjoyed everything expect for that Pink song — was never a big fan of So What. She looked really pretty and looked at home on the stage. She had everyone screaming when she talked about the “boys” who were up next. My mom didn’t really like the loud noise but…that’s ROCK! Nice and LOUD.

Next up was Danny — and suddenly the grumpies in the rows ahead of me, who gave the evil eye earlier, were on their feet and “jammin” out to Mr. Gokey’s set. That explained everything. I jammed out to PYT — it’s an MJ tune, gotta be on your feet for that. After that, I just sat and giggled to myself throughout most of the Gokester’s performance. I found the performance to be okay. His voice was strong and clear and he tried to excite everyone with his cheesy salsa dancing. He also had the “inspirational” and encouraging speech that we have all heard about. I admit I zoned out a bit… sorry Gokey.  The rest of the “island posse”, and others around me seemed to appreciate what he had to say. Me? Meh! It was nice. Whatever — bring out Glambert!

And bring him out they did! The noise level goes from loud to, I am now officially deaf and the entire coliseum is about to collapse around me. The screams could break glass — amazing! Adam Lambert is a fantastic performer, no doubt about it. Sure, there are moments when the whole thing comes off as completely contrived and over the top but, the man knows how to put on a show. I could have done without all the overtly sexual gestures and gyrations though. Way too much of what we in the Caribbean call whining — moving the waist and hips provocatively — waay too much of it. Thankfully, no bras were thrown on this night but, something big and white — boxers, a t-shirt, a towel or granny panties? Whatever was being catapulted onto the stage. Poor Adam. Anyway, I loved every number! Especially Starlight — I am a big Muse fan and Fame. Great Job Adam! The lights go down and the noise level returns to ear busting levels — my screams and yells were added to the mix because MY HOMIE KRIS IS NEXT!

Watch out, Leigh. The Glamberts are gonna call you a PRUDE.

Kris Allen — the reason I wore purple plaid and flew to NYC. Well, he was everything and more. Kris did Kris and I could not have been happier. I was smiling till my face hurt. Heartless was perfection, All These Things I’ve Done had me giddy and singing along, Ain’t No Sunshine was soulful and heartfelt, Bright Lights lit up my night and his guitar solo blew me away. He was having a blast! Kris rocking out, a great moment for a Kris fan to behold. As a Kris Allen fan, seeing him up there — happy and enjoying the moment — made me feel like I was watching a good friend live his dream. That’s the effect Kris has on his fans. I think it’s fair to say that, at the very least, my fellow KANationers understand where I am coming from with this. Hey Jude, the cherry on top, came way too soon. I wasn’t ready to end the night. Kris Allen is a star!

The concert was capped off by a great group number and the crowd was cheering till the very end.

The “island posse” was now all smiles and focused on locating the buses. By the time we got there, hundreds of people were already in position. Luckily, we were able to find a decent spot.

Observations while waiting — mixed crowd of young and old, male and female. One annoying woman who kept talking at the top of her lungs about Clay Aiken and Kristy Lee Cook. She talked very loudly and no one seemed to be paying attention to her. She also called Megan Joy a “silly blonde” several times and flashed her ponytail in my face over and over again — despite my mumblings. On top of this, she COMPLAINED that Kris did NOT sing No Boundaries and said — if you can believe it, “It better be on his album”. WTF!? Needless to say, I came close to losing it on her when she finally, took a few steps away to place her many bags of Idol merchandise on the ground. Whew, almost ruined my night!

I wish you had photos of that nutbag. She sounds charming.

Others around were friendly and talkative. Mostly moms, teens, a dad or two, and some really young kids who should have been at home sleeping. Then came the horses. Police Officers, who are apparently in training to become part of the Royal Canadian Mounties, came inside the barrier on horseback. Why? I have no clue, especially considering there were tons of security and a police vehicle already there. Once inside the barriers, these beautiful animals, with an unfortunate odor problem, needed to let loose. Yes, piles and piles of it. I was worried at this point that the idols would not be coming out because it was really totally disgusting.

I get the mounted police in my neighborhood during important Red Sox games. I imagine all the mounted police are in Mission Hill right now, given the fact there are 4 ex-presidents, 1 current president, and a bunch of other politicians/notables/et al departing a basilica about 1.5 miles away from me right now. Good thing the Yankees weren’t playing this weekend. CHAOS WOULD HAVE ENSUED WITHOUT THE MOUNTED POLICE.

We waited for about an hour and half and then the idols came out. Megan Joy, Michael Sarver, Anoop, Scott and his brother, Allison, Danny, Matt, Lil and Kris. Adam did not come out. The Idols that worked their way over to our section were:

Megan Joy — dressed in a denim jumper (don’t ask). Stunning in person, gracious and accommodating to the fans. We told her that we were from Jamaica and loved that she chose a Bob Marley song while on the show. She seemed very pleased with that and smiled, saying “Thank you!”

Michael Sarver — wearing a “funky” hat. Signed away but didn’t really look up for pictures or engage much with the fans in our section.

Those hats are hiding the Quatto Renissance. BOOOO!!!

Anoop Desai — Wearing a UNC Hoodie and knee-length shorts. Signed as many autographs as he could and smiled for pics. Seemed a bit rushed, as many of the idols did.

Allison Iraheta — Such a pretty girl. She took her time and signed and talked to tons of fans. She got many gifts from fans and had a relative with her. When she came to our section, I shyly asked “Can I get a pict….” Trailing off because I felt uncertain and bad about nagging La Princesa from the second row BUT, Ms. AlliKat was not having that! She looked directly at me and beckoned saying, “You want a photo? Come on over here!” The girls in front made room for me and I got my pic with Ms. Iraheta. She is really wonderful! Slezak would have been proud.

La Princesa del Mariachi RULES.

Scott MacIntyre came by with his brother and we were all cheering. Suddenly my mom yells “Yeah Scott’s Brother! I don’t remember your name but, Yeah Scott’s brother!” — he loved it and was grinning happily when he heard that!

Love it. Behold Todd MacIntyre, the nation’s first celebrity blind guide since Annie Sullivan.

Matt Giraud was next and some crazy MEGA fantards damn near took my head off as they shoved past to stuff a beer can in his face — screaming at him to sign it. He basically ignored them and continued down the line to sign and greet the rest of the fans. Honestly, he seemed a bit peeved about that and I was nodding my head with righteous thoughts “That’s right Matt, show those MEGA fantards whose boss!”

Giraudtards tailgating before the show and M&G? How gauche!

Danny Gokey passed by and signed for people — not very engaging either.

And then there was Kris Allen. Fans were going NUTS and it was hard to keep my spot. He had a “handler” with him, who many mistook for Katy Allen. Lovely Katy this lady was definitely not. Seeing the other Idols and the long wait must have built up my confidence because, suddenly I yelled “Hi Kris, we came all the way from Jamaica and the Cayman Islands to see you, can we please have a picture with you? You took your honeymoon in Jamaica, can we please get a picture?!”. Yes, I said this out loud — a definitive lapse into the realm of the fantard. My euphoria was shattered by “handler”, who replied, “You can get pictures OF Kris but NOT WITH”. Although I know the woman was doing her job, I did get a bit annoyed. She came off as abrasive. A few people around me let out the expected “Awww” of disappointment. Just like that, she killed our dreams. Oh well! I was snapping away and Kris did take a second to say “hi” and sign my concert ticket — YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! He apologized to everyone for the rush and did his best to get to everyone in my section. Admittedly, Kris did look a bit tired and maybe even a bit overwhelmed. The man was signing hundreds of autographs and doing his best to talk to the fans. Kris was lovely and VERY cute in person. I was one of the lucky ones. He was only able to go half way around the crowd when they whisked him away.

At this point it got a bit messy. Kris came VERY close to stepping in one of the huge piles of the steaming horse manure I previously mentioned. There were gasps heard throughout. People yelling “look out” and “don’t step in the horse s#%^!” — very funny! Genuine concern for the fate of his feet. I believe Kris tweeted about this later, cause that guy has a sense of humour. After that we learned that Adam would not be coming out. My Aunt was pretty peeved about that, as were the many who started chanting “Adam, Adam…”


I got Kris Allen’s autograph, listened to Adam, AlliKat and Kris sing live, hung out with my very cool fam, met some nice people — cloud nine is waayyy up there! 🙂

And here are some of LeighKat’s photos from the show!

Her ticket — autographed by HBD:

LeighKat at the American Idol Tour -- August 11, 2009 -- Kris Allen Autograph

Blind Guy and Blind Guy’s Brother:

American Idol Tour -- August 11, 2009 -- Todd & Scott MacIntyre

The beautiful and awesome Megan Joy:

American Idol Tour -- August 11, 2009 -- Megan Joy

The beautiful and awesome LA PRINCESA DEL MARIACHI!!!

American Idol Tour -- August 11, 2009 -- Allison Iraheta

Kris Allen and his evil handler:

Kris Allen and his evil handler -- American Idol Tour -- August 11, 2009

Kris Allen signing more autographs:

Kris Allen signing autographs -- American Idol Tour -- August 11, 2009

Matt Giraud signing autographs…and HIDING THE QUATTO RENAISSANCE!!! Leigh also believes he stole Kris Allen’s shirt 🙂

Matt Giraud signing autographs -- American Idol Tour -- August 11, 2009

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  1. August 30, 2009 12:48 am

    LOVE IT.
    Hahaaa Adam IS over the top. That is the DEFINITION of Adam.

    Watch out, Leigh. The Glamberts are gonna call you a PRUDE.


    btw. I hope my friend sent you that picture she had of the tard with the Adam tattoo… it was REALLY disturbing…

  2. yuppie permalink
    August 29, 2009 2:18 pm

    Awesome! Thanks for the great recap! Sorry you didn’t get your picture taken with Kris. I totally laughed at the part about Kris almost stepping in horseshit because I remember him tweeting about that.

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