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Let’s take a moment and think about Adam Lambert’s “Historic” Amazon Pre-Sale

September 29, 2009

Adam Lambert’s ascension to the top of the Amazon Music sales charts is impressive, yes, but what does it actually prove?

Lambert’s album is not scheduled for release until November 24th and word of its pre-release on Amazon spread like wildfire through Lambert’s fandom two days ago, catapulting it to the Top 5 and now the Number One spot.

Yes, yes. Very impressive for a pre-sale of an artist very few people had heard of a year ago, but what are the chances Lambert will maintain his position in the Top 10 for almost two months before its actual release? And how much do these pre-sale figures actually matter in an age of digital downloads.

Right now, Amazon’s Top 10 chart essentially points out the obvious — the most-coveted demographic, i.e., consumers under 35, are no longer buying CDs. Lambert sits atop the chart, followed by two versions of Barbara Streisand’s latest CD, a new Harry Connick, Jr. release, and The Beatles Stereo Box Set. (One item which SHOULD be racking up insane sales, even with it’s high price-tag. It’s a collector’s edition, for chrissake.) Others rounding out the Top 10 include Mariah Carey, Madonna, The Black Crows, Susan Boyle and Michael Buble.

Using the Top 10 alone, one could easily draw the conclusion the CD-buying market are most likely older. And, given that many “older” individuals are less tech-savvy, it is safe to say they’re still buying CDs. Besides Lambert, Buble is the youngest one in the bunch and he’s built a career on being Sinatra-lite.

Let’s look at it this way. Glamberts/Glambs are buying stacks of these CDs for themselves and others. If you have a Glambert in your family, guess what’s going in your stocking this holiday season.

JUSTICE, at last proclaimed as one of the most formidable artist the music industry has ever had, he has proved his place among the God’s of Rock. His popularity is continually increasing, ADAMSTORM is the correct expression. I cannot express my feelings of how happy I am for Adam, he was robbed of a title which was always his. Once the single and then the album is released he will hit the charts so high that they will need to create a new level for Adam Lambert. I am so happy I have already pre-ordered my copies, they will disappear from the shelves of the music shop like gold dust. ADAM YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK THE WORLD.

Man crazy Idol fans argue how they have the power because they have the money to buy CDs. No, most normal people, young or old, do not by multiple copies of one album. They also speak about their beloved taking over the world with cult-like overtures.

Over half of Adam’s present fans fall into the babyboomer age range. There are multimillions of them! And they have buying power! Also they were raised on rock n roll, are more well-travelled than the young’uns and have a more eclectic taste for all types of music.

Adam is all about ‘fusion’ these days. Fusion brings together all types of rhythms and cultures. I believe Adam is just beginning and that he will branch out and wow us all with his imaginative videos, his various musical styles and his other creative endeavours.

On top of this he is a true Aquarian man with vision and humanitarian tendencies at such a young age.

Wait till the young ones hear his album… yet more fans on the bandwagon which is now in danger of being overloaded!

Let’s consider some other factors when looking at these “record-breaking numbers”. iTunes alone accounts for at least 25% of all music sales. Incredible, isn’t it? One-quarter of all music sales. And of the digital download market, iTunes makes up 69%, with Amazon in second place at only 8%.

Kris Allen’s debut album has technically been on pre-sale at iTunes since May 20, 2009. For $16.99, you can purchase a Kris Allen iTunes Pass. Why didn’t do an Adam Lambert iTunes Pass? An iTunes Pass is probably just something exclusive to the Idol winner. I’m sure this is part of the contract. But if they did offer an Lambert Pass concurrently with Allen’s, would you really expect it to remain a top seller for an six months — especially when only a month later the King of Pop would drop dead?

Plus, do pre-order sales actually HURT an artist by inflating buzz before a CD actually lands on shelves? The more people who order a CD from Amazon before it is released is one less person who will buy it the day it comes out. Because they’ve already bought it. Sure, total sales are what earn you a gold or platinum record, but they could negatively affect Lambert in week-to-week sales, namely he could experience a sharp drop-off from week 1 to week 2 of the LP’s release. So while the total sales may not be affected, it may also directly impact Lambert’s chart position. Let’s say his album opens in the number 1 position. What is the likelihood he will repeat this feat another two or three weeks when he’s already racked up a considerable amount in pre-sales beginning two months before the actual release?


It’s all a contest, you see. Let’s spam Twitter and get them to trend! Let’s repeatedly play shit on MySpace and present the Idol with a special plaque so he knows we are his NUMBER ONE BESTEST FANS EVER. It’s all about numbers. It’s all about seeing how much you can do for this person to recognize YOU. Buy more than one copy so he goes to #1? That’s really not being in it for the MUSIC, is it? I mean, not when it comes down to it after you stop to think.

Will the Lambert fans continue to buy at this pace indefinitely? And while at the end of the day sales are sales, what does it say when you have a core group of people buying multiple copies? And the music industry will always covet the younger set, even when they’re not the ones with the greatest buying power, because they’re the ones who deem whether or not things are hot. Will every person who teared up at Susan Boyle via YouTube rush out and buy her album? Will everyone who watched Idol rush about and buy Adam Lambert or Kris Allen’s debuts? Look at the constantly-changing charts. Every week, there is somebody new and big and then they’re gone. For frak’s sake, remember Chingy?

People, as a whole, are fickle. But kids and teens are especially such, and American Idol’s rating decrease every year. Plus, the gig is up and more and more people are realizing its not the kids who love this show, despite those OMG DAVID ARCHULETA LOST videos on YouTube.

I believe Lambert’s album will go gold, maybe platinum. I would say the same for Kris Allen, but I honestly do believe Lambert will beat him in sales — however, I do not think this will adversely affect Allen’s career. I do think the intensity of many Lambert fans are what may likely destroy his street cred. (And yes, I know there are batshit crazy Kris Allen fans out there. They just use their inside voices when trolling the interweb, while Lambert fans tend to post everything ever said by those voices yelling inside their head.)

Will I buy Lambert’s album? Who knows. The only full album I have ever bought by an AI alumni was Kelly Clarkson’s latest release, and I discovered her via Since You’ve Been Gone. I had never seen on the show. In fact, I quickly dismissed her as crap for simply appearing on Idol. Because why the hell would I EVER watch American Idol or listen to the shit music performed by anyone who ever went on the show? A lot of people think like this, that’s why many Idol fans don’t ever quite grasp. Since doing this blog, I’ve learned to appreciate the strengths of some performers, perhaps. I’ve downloaded a few David Cook songs and a couple of tracks by Kris Allen. I was never impressed by Lambert’s studio versions on the show, although I would always LISTEN. I imagine his upcoming album will be MUCH better and I would venture to say, I will probably download one or two songs, unless the album is complete garbage.

Alas. I like a lot of garbage. Music, that is. The digital download age changed my life. I could finally download TaTu’s All The Things You Say, Enrique Iglesias’ Escape and Hilary Duff’s So Yesterday in the privacy of my own home. I could listen to these songs — interspersed with QUALITY MUSIC, of course —  privately on my iPod.

And hell, all those CDs do is take up space. They’re all in a bin under my bed, collecting dust. I may enjoy garbage, but I loathe clutter. So before you start talking BIGGER THAN THE BEATLES AND ELVIS AND MICHAEL JACKSON, remember, there are a lot of people who no longer buy CDs…and tend to often download one copy.

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  1. AdamLambertisaFlamer permalink
    November 25, 2009 5:45 pm

    Well thought out article on the reasons why Glambert made the Top 10 Amazon list and his demographics. As we now know from his AMA performance, people arent impressed with his “overly gay” persona and drama. His songs never even touched the Billboard 100 because they suck. He insulted Gene Simmons of KISS because he was upset Gene told him to simply sing and not “make it about being gay” which was good advice, aside from the fact Simmons complimented him multiple times on his voice and where he should focus on in his career. Sorry Glambert, but you dont insult a super-successful Rock Legend who banged thousands of women (ok maybe HUNDREDS) when you have no cred of your own. Flamer Adam is going down…in Flames (LOL)! The mindless idiots that watch American Idol arent gonna save ur sorry butt once the show is over. That and the guy looks OLD, he really does look like an old guy trying to look like a teenager. Over makeup’ed, bad skin, photoshopped photos, bad fashion style, ect ect ect

  2. Wnb permalink
    November 6, 2009 5:59 pm

    I truly don’t understand why it matters so much to be in one camp or the other. I like Adam because I truly believe he has a great voice and great potential. I am not one of the fans who goes on message boards normally which is why I had no idea about all the hype. I hope he does well and puts out a strong album otherwise he will tank. That’s just the way it goes. Presale numbers are not a predictor of anything really.

  3. kimberly permalink
    October 1, 2009 11:57 am

    In my opinion what is being celebrated doesn’t equate the celebration. I sincerely believe it is not helping Adam Lambert’s fledgling music career.

    This stratospheric rise of Adam Lambert is merely in the fans’s eyes.

    What goes up will eventually come down — it’s the law of physics.

  4. Sherena permalink
    September 30, 2009 11:24 pm

    Very long; wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t read it. This is kind of a response to many things, in which I try to explain an Adam fan’s mindset in celebrating the Amazon sales and other factors.

    About Amazon not really accounting for a huge percentage of the market or being a predictor of Billboard sales, I get that. I also get that the unprecedented hype, the A-list producers, the film song, and all those specific factors all don’t guarantee anything. But at this point it would be impossible to have any guarantees. What’s important is that top Amazon sales is the best he could be possibly doing in that sphere, Amazon sales. And a lot of hype is better than not, so it’s the best he could be doing so far in THAT sphere, and ditto with the label support and so on. What this means is that Adam is coming into his actual music release with the odds for him rather than against him. They are what they are… not a guarantee of success by any means, but better than any other situation he could be in right now, which is why I’m celebrating them. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m suspecting it’s the same.

    I hope that made some semblance of sense.

    • on the edge permalink
      October 1, 2009 1:09 am

      It makes sense to me; celebrate the small victories. I just ask that the celebration be tempered with realism (and here is where I use my college football analogy which I’m sure TopIdol just LUUUUUUVS *sarcasm*…). My favorite football team, Ole Miss, was ranked in the preseason Top 10. First time since the 1970’s. Many Ole Miss fans were all, “WHOO-HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” while more experienced fans were “well, we’re probably too high, let’s not get too excited.” Then teams above us in the polls, or to draw a parallel, preorders that debuted earlier, started to drop and we were automatically pushed up by default until we were #4 (first time since 1970, the year)! And the crazy fans were all “WHOO-HOOOOOOOO!!!!!” and the experienced fans were “oh shit this won’t end well.” And we lost our next game; everyone that ranked us before (read: the media, the same media hyping Adam right now) rained down with shouts of “OVERRATED!” The crazed fans were pissed at the media; the experienced ones simply knew that when you’re that highly ranked, you better be prepared to show you DESERVE it. Adam better have the next Dark Side of the Mother-Fucking Moon or the media will kick his pedestal as fast as they put him on it.

      • Sherena permalink
        October 1, 2009 2:50 am

        Haha, not exactly. He needs a strong album and he’ll be fine. He doesn’t need no Dark Side of the Moon.

        Because the pop music scene just works with overhyping. All the fans and critics understand that, and temper their real expectations below the hype. Lady Gaga is getting the “Next Madonna?” comparisons. Is she the next Madonna? Is she close? Hell, no. But pop music is full of hyperbole; that’s what hype IS. And as long as her music is good, it doesn’t have to be great, and she’ll still get praise. Same with Adam’s. It just has to be good; not great. Now will it necessarily be so? Even if it’s good, will it “click” with the music buying populace? Those are the questions. It’s up in the air at the moment.

        • on the edge permalink
          October 1, 2009 10:32 am

          ^I like this one! She’s rational, articulate, clear-headed and uses proper grammar and sentence structure! Can we keep her, TopIdol, huh, huh, can we can we huh?

      • wayno10 permalink
        October 2, 2009 10:43 am

        I just loved the Dark Side of the MF’ing Moon. Simply HIGHlarious.
        Live like you’re dying.


  5. kimberly permalink
    September 30, 2009 10:10 pm

    Here’s the deal the way I see it: every OTT article filled with the nonsense I read on Parker’s Yahoo music blog and recently the NYPost, will do nothing to ingratiate Lambert with the masses. It’s obvious die-hard rockers won’t give him the time of day (I don’t GAF what RS says). Now, let’s move on to Beatle and Bab fans. If I was Adam Lambert I would be hoping those type of articles stay out of the spotlight. There’s no way hardcore Beatle fans and Streisand fans won’t be up in arms over this. Not every one is on the Lambert train. It amazed me that Adam Fans buy into all this, refuse to have perspective. I mean, if I’m not mistaken, David Cook’s preorder position was high as well for a long period of time, but in the long run Amazon sales account for very little.

    Holy Hyperbole!

  6. Steph permalink
    September 30, 2009 7:13 pm

    Correct me if I’m wrong someone, but didn’t this happen with CLay and Ruben as well? Wasn’t Clay’s album presale really high as well because all the CLaymates went crazy and bought 10,000 copies a thousand for each of their closest friends? I mean what does that prove if nothing but “wow, look we can start an internet trend and get his album number 1 before it actually ever released!”

    And wow, Clay didn’t really sell that much, in the long run. A lot on Amazon sure, but Amazon is the number one music buying source. I get most of my music from itunes.

    Adam’s album being number one reminds me so much of people who vote for their “favorite” band in polls. It spreads like wildfire through one community and then everyone jumps on the bandwagon, but in actuality it is only like a couple of thousand people who just voted 500 times each. I think this is exactly what is up with Adam’s album. The diehards have already preorded it just to prove a point, which in the long run it won’t. Adam has already won over his diehard fans(as well all sometimes unfortunately know to what degree) but he needs to win over the general public, and still to this day, babyboomers may have more money but teenagers still buy the most music.

    • Liz permalink
      September 30, 2009 7:43 pm

      You said it, exactly! I have 3 kids who listen to all different kinds of music, non-stop, and not one of them would ever listen to Lambert. Regardless of what all the Glamtards say, he is NOT cool, not where teenagers are concerned. It’s the fanatics that pushed his pre-release CD up to number 1, they’re the ones with the point to prove, and they’re the ones with the credit cards, not anyone else. Teenagers don’t go on to Amazon and pre-order CD’s, none that I know do, anyway.

      I’ve gone on some of the “fan” boards and there’s some women bragging about each buying 15-20 copies. Seriously? If you think about it though, these women are so obsessed with proving that this guy is better than God himself that ordering 20 CD’s of his on their credit cards is no big deal, if it gets him to the meanless spot of #1. They are OBSESSED. It’s one of the strangest and most disturbing things I’ve ever seen, and it’s all over a gay guy from musical theater who could probably care less about these fanatical middle aged women. I just don’t get it, at all.

      • October 1, 2009 12:18 am

        if you have three kids and a husband,
        then what the hell are you doing surfing idol sites and “fan” boards?
        If you hate Adam so much, then here’s a solution: Don’t go on sites with his fans on them. That’s why there called “fan sites.”
        Seriously, be a mother, spend some time with your kids and not on web boards professing your annoyance on Lambert.

        • Liz permalink
          October 1, 2009 7:44 am

          Shut up, idiot. How the hell do you know what kind of mother I am? At least I’m not spending every waking moment and all my husband’s hard earned money on an obsession over a flamboyant gay theater singer like 90% of his “fans” do, what’s happening to THEIR kids? I go online for a little while during the day while my kids are at school, not that it’s any freaking business of yours, moron. My daughter used to like to watch American Idol until she would get emails from her friends sending her pictures of that tranny Adam with his tongue crammed down guys throats or prancing around dressed up as a woman. Yeah, then she heard he got the idea to be on AI after he had an “epiphany” under the influence of some kind of hallucinogen. So don’t freaking tell me, you a-hole. That’s the kind of person you idiots think should be an “American” idol? If so, no wonder so many people hate Americans. So, F off, ML, and go back to YOUR little Madame obsession.

        • October 1, 2009 8:59 pm

          You sound like a woman way past her prime and who has dated a few men who came out after one night with you. Don’t hate the gays just because you’ve peaked.

        • Liz permalink
          October 2, 2009 7:40 am

          You’re a pathetic sparklecow, I’ve seen way too many of your kind not to be able to spot one. Go back to your Dorito’s and Pepsi and your online obsession with Madame. Don’t worry, you’ll always have a friend in food.

        • Liz permalink
          October 2, 2009 8:01 am

          One more thing, “ML”, at least I GOT AND CAN KEEP A MAN, I don’t have to expend my sexual energy online over a gay guy who couldn’t care less about me like you have to do. Maybe YOU’LL be the one to make Madame switch teams, right?

        • October 2, 2009 4:04 pm

          Aw Lizzy, you hurt my wittle feelings.
          Just admit it, you aren’t a mother and you aren’t a wife. Because if you are, I feel so sorry for your family knowing that they’re related to a “woman” who can spot a sparklecow (WTF is that??).
          But you’ve been fun to play with, and thanks for using your last four remaining braincells on me. Bye!

  7. kimberly permalink
    September 30, 2009 10:56 am

    Top Idol,

    I mentioned the market share of music sales on another site, trying to put into perspective what Amazon might possibly represent in actual sales. Amazon, itself, may only be alotted a certain quantity of CDs, preorder or not. CDs aren’t made willy-nilly. These things are forecasted, projections of future sales and how much inventory is needed is not done on whim.

    Amazon represents at most 10% of music sales overall. In digital sales, I-tune is king @ 69% compared to Amazons 6%. The strongest sales will come from big box stores. It’s too early to tell what sales will be for any Idol. D.A. outsold D.C. in single sales the first week. D.C. outsold in album sales the first week, although he did not debut at #1 as D.A. had. It’s all spin.

    Perhaps, the majority of Danny Gokey fans voted for Kris Allen in the finale out of spite. (I will concede that a small minority might have been homophobes, but not enough to impact votes.) Perhaps the majority of people watch A.I. purely for the entertainment and would never spend a dime on the music. I fell into that camp for years, only having a cursory interest in American Idol.

    I thought Daughtry was good, but didn’t really watch his year. Season 7, I watched more than I normally did. I missed many of the shows, but started to take an intrest in David Cook when he sang Free’s All Right Now. I have to admit I was about to take a bathroom break because I couldn’t handle what I called his “School of Rock” Jack Black impersonation. He stopped with the faces and continued to pick good music.

    I bought his CD and Daughtry’s. Daughtry’s just from radio play, no Idol fannish behavior involved, just straight up like every other normal person on the planet. DC was a bit different, following his numbers and radio spins, et al. I’m not a member of DCO and I never voiced an opinion online anywhere about the guy. I did recently go to a DC concert at a local Casino and didn’t really know what to expect as far as demographics. I was hoping with the College Tour exposure he would have a younger demographic. It wasn’t the case, as far as I could tell, many 40-60ish aged women, most crammed up against the stage in a pack, vying for DC’s attention. When the house lights rose, he scanned the crowd, the wheels turning, knowing this was not the demographic he would need to sustain him in the business or for the necessary street cred.

    Kris Allen’s numbers do not look all that strong for LLWD. $15,000 apx. He did make the billboard chart @ 93, entering the charts like any other new artist. I’m not sure what to make of this — the three day sales didn’t help. The promotion on Z100 and with Ryan Seacrest should have made some impact. I think radio play will be the key for Kris, and not a frenzied fan base, gaining fans organically, more grassroots.

    I had mixed feelings about Kris winning. Musically, he’s more my thing. But, it doesn’t mean I won’t like Adam’s music. I’m a lover of acoustic rock, southern rock, alt. rock, pop rock, ROCK! In the 80s, it was Madonna, Janet Jackson, Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, oh, and Prince to name a few. I was a dancing, partying fool. Tears for Fears, A-Ha, Bannaramma, The Go-Go’s, are all mixed in with Dylan’s Greatest Hit, The Outlawas, U-2, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seeger …

    Maybe those that voted for Kris will eventually get off their collective asses and buy his music. Perhaps, for most people it will be radio play that will spur them on, as it was for me with Daughtry. Time will tell. Kris will take the hits as he has done all along, but I still see good things for him in the music industry because it’s all about the music for Kris, making it and playing it to a crowd of 20 or 20,000. He’ll work for it.

    My preference is for no fan machinations at all. No AOL fan streaming to make songs #1. It’s pretty obvious this is happening when Clay Aiken is #1. No VH-1 mass voting, no mass poll voting …

    As they say it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

    • on the edge permalink
      September 30, 2009 11:16 am

      Kimberly, I have to agree. I abhor the attitude from AI fans that “we MADE you and we can BREAK you, too.” As I recall Kelly Clarkson really broke into the mainstream with “Breakaway,” her second album post-Idol, and she made it on the strength of the record itself, radio play, and THE AVERAGE MUSIC BUYER. Same with Daughtry and Carrie Underwood. I feel bad for David Cook, because I am a fan of his music, but his core fanbase is doing him NO favors. Supposedly he has started writing and recording for his “sophomore slump” (HIS words, not mine, via Twitter); I personally will be happy when his tour ends, he goes back into the studio, takes his time, and in the meantime his tards can find something new and shiny in Season 9. I like to think that every time a tard drops him in favor of a newer Idol or other obssession, he feels the weight on his shoulders lighten (literally).

      One other thing that I HAVE to point out. I am so tired of this meme of “so-and-so’s votes will go to someone else now.” Has anyone thought that some viewers QUIT voting once their favorite is gone, or just quit watching? This notion that “all of Danny’s fans voted for Kris”? Cannot be proven, or disproven. Heck, I stopped watching Season Three entirely when Boomie left. Cook didn’t get a single vote from me because I only WATCHED Season 7. The only non-traditional voting I can recall (aside from the VFTW candidates) was a strong group at DCO that voted en masse for Kris on final three night because they HATED Danny and figured Adam was safe.

      • September 30, 2009 11:08 pm

        Another thing to point out regarding Kris Allens win. Has anyone every thought that maybe, just maybe, Adam was NOT the front runner each week as we all presumed? As I recall, Kris and Adam were each in the bottom slot only once and it was the same week. AI does not put out numbers for each contestants position so maybe Kris Allen was leading many weeks we thought it to be Adam. Just sayin……

      • Sherena permalink
        October 1, 2009 12:09 am

        Who are the “tards” you are talking about who are David Cook fans? Why would he want to lose fans?

        I mean, while it’s good–heck, it’s more than good, it is the ultimate goal– for AI artists to break out of the bubble and get new fans, fans in general are still a *good* thing. What am I missing here?

        • on the edge permalink
          October 1, 2009 12:55 am

          Eep…how do I say this without being TOTALLY politically incorrect? Rock artists, such as David, want to attract a particular demographic. The “tards” I speak of (and it is just a slang, I mean no disrespect to the actual mentally disabled) do not fit that demo. They are generally overweight, middle-aged, and dress slovenly. They do NOT look like your average rock concert attendees. Eventually an Idol gets the reputation of ONLY attracting this group, which in the past has been associated with “uncool” things like Barry Manilow, Liberace, Wayne Newton, any act in Branson, MO, things such as that. In addition these undesirable fans are INSUFFERABLE. They push, they shove, they are generally nasty to anyone remotely attractive and young-ish, and soon normal, rational fans drop out rather than be associated with such madness or put up with it at live shows. With their behavior they actually end up TURNING NEW FANS AWAY. It’s like the beginning of an abusive relationship, where the controlling spouse starts by isolating their victim from the outside world and convinces them that they are the only ones who REALLY care and no one else will ever want them.

          Look, I’m only repeating what most demographic studies and eons of parent-child relationships will show you. If Mom thinks it’s cool, it automatically becomes UNcool. It is why you become persona-non-grata to advertisers after you hit age 35. And I have SEEN these nuts in action and frankly they frighten me. I did not deal with this kind of shit when I went to see Cowboy Mouth, Dave Matthews or Amanda Overmyer.

        • Verbally Dyslexic permalink
          October 1, 2009 1:56 am

          Just adding to what on the edge has succinctly explained.

          Also, there is that stigma attached to rock-based Idols that their rock cred is not as genuine, mainly by the fact that they earned their artiste title by entering a cheesy show and failed to take the regular grittier route.

          Further espousing that notion is the fact that the 19 management will do anything it takes to make as much money from these guys as possible from the get go. By which they mean to make the debut album as appealing as possible to the masses. Hence, the soft-rock stuff. The Nickleback/Creed variety.

          For example, I loved what David Cook did on the show, enjoyed his pre-Idol solo album, but not his eponymous album. During my attempt to make myself like it more, I instead fell for Kings of Leon and Earl Greyhound, because their sound carries more rock cred. Way more.

          That said, I hope David Cook writes a rougher, more gritty second album and shakes off the frau. Otherwise he’s doomed.

  8. September 30, 2009 9:00 am

    Top Idol. I dont get about pre-sales affecting the outcome of sales when the album drops. Surely the pre-sales are only an indication of who has ordered, the actual transaction happens at the time the CD is shipped, the release date, so pre-orders actually translate as first-week release figures. Just like any artist who has big pre-sales. But I think it will be interesting to see how Adam does on itunes, although there were no official figures as to overall sales, one day itunes mistakenly left sales on view and Adam’s itune versions of AI performances outsold the other idols. Most fans will probably get a cd (or two – admittedly) but many will also download the CD from itunes, just like they downloaded for the performances. But when you are a true fan of an artist you do want the hard copy too to look at the artwork and stuff. Many fans will get both the CD and download from itunes specially if the downloadable version comes out quicker. I am from the UK and managed to get an account with USitunes so I can download US releases quicker.

    • on the edge permalink
      September 30, 2009 11:56 pm

      Lambertkitten, the only place where I may disagree with you is on the whole “hard copy for album art” thing…iTunes has this new “LP” feature with all the art and lyrics plus tons of extras. I got the LP version of Pearl Jam’s Backspacer and WHOA is all I gotta say! That, and in the past people would get the hard copy and upload it to iTunes to avoid the whole DRM issue, but now that ALL the tracks in the store are iTunes Plus that’s not a problem either.

      I bought four copies of Cook’s record last year, because a) I preordered from Amazon, then mistakenly thought the order was cancelled and ordered AGAIN…those became Xmas presents; b) I wanted the bonus tracks from the iTunes preorder and the Walmart versions. I know I could have downloaded the mp3s illegally but I’m too honorable for my own good…I can’t bring myself to steal music, even one track, even though I know the labels do it to rip me off. I am NOT doing that again! I have the Kris pass and I’m not getting any other copies of his record beyond that. I liked Adam on the show and the tour, and I may buy some of his tracks from iTunes…depends on how they sound.

      • October 1, 2009 7:38 pm

        Dint know that about the artwork being available – would that be as a something you can print off? or just something to look at on computer screen – tho think would prefer something in my hand for an artist I am really keen on. And what is DRM? But I am with you about downloading illegally – sucks. I don’t mind listening to an album before I buy – have you heard of, similar to itunes only you can hear all the album not just snippets and then buy from them. Or just listen and then buy from itunes. Tho I think it is UK based so you probably wdnt get all the US stuff til later. I just checked on their for Kris Allen and only No Boundaries came up, new single not on there yet. But still a great site for checking all the tracks off some older US albums and latest UK releases.
        As you can probably tell from my name, I am an Adam fan (glamtard, (un)bitterbert, wackbert, adamtard cetera) tho not necessarily an Idol fan. Here in the UK it is not aired on the most popular network so is easy to miss. Never normally watch it that much and only stumbled on 09 season on the episode where I first saw Adam and he sang the infamous Ring of Fire. I wont bore you with my jaw-dropping response nor my descent into glamtardery unnecessarily, but after this episode I was hooked – and so was my husbands 24yr old neice, with whom I discussed Adam knowing she always watched the US talent shows. Turns out she too dropped her jaw at Adam and she is the nearest live Glambert that I know personally. Anyhow, I made sure I didnt miss the next episode cos I was excited to see Adam again – he didnt disappoint with Tracks of My Tears – but interestingly I emailed my neice straight after and said I also really liked the guy with the glasses and the cute fella called Chris (spelt his name wrong). Turns out I had picked the top 3. Aren’t I clever? I dunno whether I will watch AI this season, I am struggling to keep my enthusiasm for UK’s version XFactor which is airing here at the moment. All seems a bit stale and same ole, same ole and after Adam it will take a lot to get me invested in a contestant. I have nothing against Kris tho, nice voice, very cute! and his new single is quite catchy but I am normally into music like Pink, Prince, Mika, Darkness, Queen so Adam’s style and voice is definitely more my cup of tea and needless to say his CD will be a coveted part of my collection. But yaknow, good luck to Kris – and enjoy!

        • TopIdol permalink
          October 1, 2009 8:11 pm

          I saw an episode of The X-Factor while I was in London last November. The one where Britney Spears showed up and lip-synced. I think its interesting how each judge pimping a contestant is actually the point of the show. A bit more honest than this Idol shit 🙂

          When does Idol air in the UK? When I was there in January 2007, I watched a lot of Celebrity Big Brother (the infamous season with Jade Goody, Shilpa Shetty and Jermaine Jackson) with my friends but do not remember ever hearing about Idol airing.

        • on the edge permalink
          October 1, 2009 8:24 pm

          Since I presume you are in the UK, tell me (what a turn-around…discussing Kris in an Adam thread…usually it’s the other way around!) how big is The Script over there? I had heard “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” on VH-1 but not much else from them. Would Kris have a problem in Europe, covering a song that may be better known over there than here? Seems to be the source of much angst on the boards.

  9. WindyAdamLambert permalink
    September 30, 2009 8:42 am

    I understand that Barbra Streisand latest CD and the majority to by her CD album are the older peoples to have 40 and +.

    Adam —–are all the ages to love him the 6 years old at 80 years old, like ELVIS the peoples loves him.

    So how many you think the young peoples want the CD? many. How many peoples to have 14 years old at 80 years old love Adam and by CD’s? All peoples around the world.

    For Michael; Must peoples UNDER 40 years old love him so ITS 40% for Adam more love’s him and by his first CD.

    Michael Bubbly for me it is not my type and just 35 at 55 years old like or love him? I have 54 years old and never I will by his CD.

    The Beatles if we think he sail the COMPILATIONS, I know all peoples who always love that group and all collectionners will by it. So put Adam’s in 5 years with a compilation and we saw Adam go write away in the first place and for many weeks to.

    • on the edge permalink
      September 30, 2009 10:59 am

      I didn’t understand a single word you just said.

    • Liz permalink
      September 30, 2009 2:27 pm

      Me either not one word of it. I happen to know, for a fact, that my kids and their teenage friends wouldn’t be caught DEAD listening to Madame, ever, nor would my husband or ANY straight man that I know. He’s going to be like a new age glittery cross dressing Liberace for the female over 45 set. Trust me on that. Madame will NEVER be able to keep up all this hype. Betcha any money next AI season we’re going to see a TON more “theater” kids who sing and look just like Madame.

      • Steph permalink
        September 30, 2009 8:54 pm

        EXACTLY! My husband said “he’s too ott” and said he couldn’t stand him. I don’t know one man that I know likes Adam Lambert. I’m sure some do, but none of the ones I hang around. I’m also a teacher, and I can say very quickly that being a “younger” one in my building that I was an Adam fan during the season, but some of my older colleagues loved Adam…but loved him on the show. They have a favorite every year. They wouldn’t follow his career as readily as I would.

        But here’s the thing too. Those ladies, nine times out of ten, are fans of THE SHOW. They get involved and have fun with being into a show, doing a office pool, etc, and once the show is over, they don’t necessarily run out and buy the album. It’s the thrill of competition.

        I think a lot of people are more American Idol fans than they are fans of Idols post careers. Face it, Idols have a lot to prove with an album, and after 7 seasons we have only truly had two idols become successful and it took Kelly two albums, and Carrie was the only who really had success with her first album.

        Adam still has a lot to prove. He has a killer voice, but so did David Cook and many of Adam’s predecessors, but boy did 19 ruin their creativity and give them some sucky albums. I don’t really follow Carrie Underwood, but I bet her album was the best of the bunch of post idol albums. All the ones I’ve tried to listen to I’ve never liked. I was a huge fan of Bo and bought his album eagerly only to sell it on the internet later on because I refused to own such crap.

        Adam may have won over the cougars, but I sure know a lot of teenage boys who would touch his music if their life depended on it.

  10. September 30, 2009 8:37 am

    Sparklecows! LOL! But cmon – well done Adam surely?

  11. Liz permalink
    September 30, 2009 8:33 am

    Clay Aiken was #1 on Amazon with the pre-sale of his CD back in the day. Look were he is now. Just saying. I hate Glamtards, hate them with a passion, in fact, I hate them even more than I hate Madame.

    • Dave permalink
      September 30, 2009 9:42 am

      Liz..That is a very immature and hateful paragraph, Hate breeds Hate, you need to seek help. If we all stooped to your mentality this is what we would say..
      Go back to Aikens fan site, Stop being so jealous…and I Hate Claytards…pretty pathetic Isn’t it….Clay was a fart in the wind, here and gone….get over it….so now you see what type of response your stupid comments get you….Go Gokey

      • September 30, 2009 11:12 pm

        Wonder which frau ‘Dave’ is.

      • Liz permalink
        October 1, 2009 8:06 am

        Little heads up, Dave, I’m neither a “Claymate”, or a fan of Gokey, so bite me. Before my experience with Madame’s “fans”, I really couldn’t have cared less, once the AI sesean was over I never really thought twice about any of the contestants. After a bit of time and reading comments from them, the “Lambskanks”, I’ve found them to be some of the rudest, hypocritical, pushiest most opinionated group of people I had ever come across on the internet. My daugther belonged to the AI forums for a while, and she mentioned she didn’t really like Adam, that’s all she said, that she didn’t really like him. It was unbelievable the backlash she got from his fans, she was in tears, and these “fans” are supposedly adults. If you disagree that Adam Lambert isn’t better than Jesus himself, well, then, you’re worthy of the Adam fans wrath, no matter what. Like the article about Slash in Rolling Stone. Not ONE mention in that article about Madame, but his “fans” hijacked that article, turned it around and made it all about him, and the fans of Slash just couldn’t believe it, but there you have a Glamtard in a nutshell. They don’t care what they have to do to keep Madame’s name out there. Just keep it up, pretty soon nobody will want to be associated with Lambert, even though he is greater than God.

        • Lauren permalink
          October 1, 2009 7:30 pm

          Liz, yes there are some pretty insane Adam fans that would stoop to the level of insulting a child just because they are well…crazy. But what I don’t like is the generalizations you are making. I am a proud Glambert but I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Most of your experiencing with Adam fans seems to come from the ones who were harassing your daughter and I promise you they are not a good representation of your average Adam fan. Some of us just like the guy because he is extremely talented and actually realize he isn’t the second coming of Jesus. Just saying.

  12. girl from mars permalink
    September 30, 2009 8:18 am

    I love their extrapolation: over half of the fans are baby boomer age, and there are millions and millions of baby boomers so Adam will sell millions and millions of albums. Sparklecows are masters of logic.

    What will their rationalization be in a week or two when he drops out of the #1 spot, never to return again? I can see it now, “jellis haters hacked Amazon.”

  13. Bubba57 permalink
    September 30, 2009 2:50 am

    You know who also made it to #1 on Amazon’s pre-sale sales ranking? Clay ailen…yeah.

    Look, i will say its not that bad for no promotion and shit, but really not that many people are doing these pre-orders and its not going to account for that much in the overall total.

    All 3 idols- allison, kris, and adam will need some good promotion, decnet enough radio friendly songs to really find any success.

    And honestly, album sales are not what is cracked up to be anymore…its really about singles and how well they chart on Billboard. Shit, Archie and Jordin albums sales were not good at all, but what helped them was that their singles were being played on the radio all the time…

  14. September 30, 2009 2:12 am

    Wait, what is this? A rational about Adam’s pre-sales? But don’t you get it? Adam’s currently outselling a $200 Beatles collection! That must mean he’s bigger than The Beatles!

    All kidding aside, aren’t Amazon sales only a small fraction of the total? We already know that the online audience is more Adam based but that’s not how it really is in the real world. I’m a fan of Adam’s and I don’t want those crazy Glamberts to turn into Claymates Part II, because they can really turn off a casual fan with their OTT behavior.

    • September 30, 2009 2:12 am

      I meant rational thought.

  15. September 30, 2009 2:02 am

    Hee, I think I actually bought the TATU album. In my defense, I was a teenager at the time.

    About Amazon…haven’t nearly all the favs always made #1 when their Cds went on pre-order? I know Cook’s and Clay’s did, and I think Archie’s did.

  16. LeighKat permalink
    September 29, 2009 11:43 pm

    This is a great post! Food for thought really.

    Love the Tatu reference, you must be the only other person I know who actually paid money for that song 🙂

    • TopIdol permalink
      September 30, 2009 12:25 am

      I think the Hilary Duff song may be worse…but it’s so damn catchy.

  17. cucumber permalink
    September 29, 2009 11:40 pm

    I guess people are going batshit crazy because without promotion, a cover or a damn TITLE, it made it that high. Thats all I see it as. And I completely agree with you — whose going to buy it when his actual record comes out, if everyone’s buying the CD now? :S
    Lol, I’m young ;D I turned 17 today, in fact. And god, I’ve been getting irritated at (some) of the diehard adamspammers. I don’t wanna go chris crocker on anyone but LEAVE him beee… and I’ve never really enjoyed/followed/fanned over ANY AI alum, apart from this dude, ‘cuz I respect talent.

  18. Nicole permalink
    September 29, 2009 11:06 pm

    Who cares what it means? LOL The point is Adam currently has the #1 pre-sale album on Amazon. It means nothing more or less than that. Its funny how some say Adam’s fans are over the top when others are just as obsessed when they keep posting about him. lol And who cares how old people are who buy Adam’s album?? A sale is a sale, and last time I checked all money is green.

    Regarding Adam’s street cred., I think the way entertainment news outlets and already established artists are embracing Adam shows he is slowly but surely breaking out of the Idol bubble. In truth he never fit the Idol mold in the first place. And every celebrity has crazy fans. We hear about them every day on the news so I don’t see why Adam would be any different. The main thing for Adam is for him to make good music. As long as he does that, he’s going to be fine.

    Anyways, congrats Adam on your ranking on Amazon! Congrats Kris on your first single on ITunes, hopefully it will climb up the chart, and congrats Allison on being on Amazon’s movers and shakers list!!

    • September 29, 2009 11:19 pm

      I think the way entertainment news outlets and already established artists are embracing Adam shows he is slowly but surely breaking out of the Idol bubble


    • Lakshmi permalink
      September 30, 2009 12:35 am

      Nicole, Adam fits the Idol mold perfectly. After struggling for years to establish himself in the record industry, he auditioned for Idol as a “platform” (his word) to gain national exposure. Obviously his plan was successful, but it isn’t unique in any way. Other people who followed this path include Kelly Clarkson, David Cook, Carly Smithson, and many, many others.

  19. September 29, 2009 10:57 pm

    Lambert sits atop the chart, followed by two versions of Barbara Streisand’s latest CD, a new Harry Connick, Jr. release. Others rounding out the Top 10 include Susan Boyle and Michael Buble.

    Nanna music.

    He’ll be pushing out a showtunes album in a few years time, just like Decca will make Claylene do.

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