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RIP Idletard

October 18, 2009

I’m not happy about it either.

Leave your prayers and memorials here. The spirit of Idletard will live on…the spirit of Idletard lives on within each and everyone of us.


RIP Idletard -- You will be missed

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  1. IheartKrisAllentheeesmuch permalink
    November 21, 2009 5:27 am

    Dude, Smartie, I was a HUUUUUUUUUUGE fan! what happened? why did you leave us? is it because those jackholes published your personal info on the web? I CAN’T REST TILL I KNOW WHY YOU TOOK AWAY THE ONLY JOY I HAVE IN MY LIFE. Ok, that sounds crazy. but I’m going to miss the L. Anne stuff. And damn it, you left just before Adam Glambert exploded into a superstar… *snerk*

  2. Ieatedtardbrainz permalink
    October 27, 2009 10:37 am

    As a regular on Idletard, I sure will miss it. For a second, I thought Smartie had blocked me and was about to go all WHYYYY, but after checking on VFTW I saw that it had been brutally ripped away from me, and … yeah, okay done with the dramatics.

    Thanks for the laughs and the good times, Smartie. You showed many people the ~light.

    I am going to miss the beauty that was L Anne, and the rest of the fandom wank that was so fun to poke at.

  3. Maharis permalink
    October 23, 2009 7:08 am

    Bye bye Idletard and Smartie. You fans can keep up with you on your Muppet website or, your Danny Kaye website or, at Star Trek Conventions. Is there a Star Trek costume big enough for you?

    • TopIdol permalink
      October 23, 2009 11:40 am

      Just because a person has websites for something does not mean they’re a tard. And I’ve been to a sci-fi convention…and I loved Star Trek: TNG and was obsessed with the new Battlestar Galactica. In fact, I have a BSG Calendar in the cube I’m sitting in right now.

      Must make me a tard. Oh, and Danny Kaye and the Muppets are beloved by millions, so really, your rationale blows. You can be a fan of something and appreciate it without acting like an idiot. That’s the difference between being a fan and a tard.

      • dukie permalink
        October 23, 2009 12:36 pm

        Well said, Top Idol! Rational fandom is a concept the tards will never grasp.

    • rehabilitard permalink
      October 23, 2009 4:16 pm

      Being fan is one thing and being fantard is totally different thing. Thanks to Idletard I can see the difference.
      @Maharis apparently you can’t make difference between these two and that is why you are a tard.

      Also it is so much better being a fan of a fictional character than being fan of a reality show contestant and stalk them everywhere. AO glamberts are fighting right now for who is the bestest fan, to get closer to Adam. LOL, it is hilarious.

  4. Brenda permalink
    October 22, 2009 1:37 am

    I literally felt like someone punched me in the stomach when I found out our AWESOME Idletard was no more. It was an amazing site with an amazing admin and amazing regulars. It will be missed.

    I will miss all of you guys. Hopefully we can somewhat stay in touch here at TI’s site. Thanks for all the wonderful tard memories – our queen of SWANK L Anne, the most romantic author of our time, Lizzie, and of course Svag, Marty and Jabba.

    Farewell Idletard.

    • Smartie permalink
      October 22, 2009 2:58 am

      Brenda, check your email 😉

  5. Moobs permalink
    October 20, 2009 11:55 pm

    Damn. I never got my “Mount Baldy” sign pics sent to Smartie. I was also going to make Cook a home-made Tard Art t-shirt with an iron-on photo of the sign. :o)

    One day last summer, I was in a town where Cook was going to be playing that evening. There were plenty of tickets and I considered going. Then I drove by the venue. There were a couple of lines at the doors and the people waiting were mostly fat, very white (wearing shorts so their legs literally glowed bright white), and old.

    That is why I drove on by and went home instead of going to the concert. No way was I standing in that line, and it had nothing to do with the wait.

    I had never even heard of IdleTard at that point. When I found the site several weeks later, it was perfect. But it was too short. *sniff*


  6. THE Diva Kalina permalink
    October 20, 2009 11:33 am


    • TopIdol permalink
      October 20, 2009 4:00 pm

      Diva, I am jonesing for some of your delicious commentary regarding Lambert and the naked girl, “Time For Miracles, AND his album title.

  7. MostExcellent permalink
    October 20, 2009 1:27 am

    RIP Idletard! Thanks for all the laughs; the nightmares not so much…

    I guess I’ll have to join VFTW or something now…

  8. kimberly permalink
    October 19, 2009 10:28 pm

    “What do we know about them?” — Top Idol

    Is this question in reference to Babs and Laurel G.? MJ quoted Babs angry comment and then called her Lori. I noted that L. Anne was also called Laurie/Lori. I assumed MJ might have called out L. Anne. It seems Babs and Laurel G. were arguing with MJ. As you read, Babs calling MJ a sick bitch like that Idletard woman. Laurel G., I think for the most part is harmless. She is constantly feigning outrage over social injustices. She’s so busy pontificating and pointing fingers she’s deaf to anything else. She thinks she’s right. I’d be surprised if she backed down from the L. Anne and Idletard issue or apologized to MJ.

    • TopIdol permalink
      October 19, 2009 10:51 pm

      Well, if MJ called her Lori it was probably for good reason. Remember…bloggers can see the IPs of those who post or even visit.

      I miss L. Anne.

  9. Lint_Licker permalink
    October 19, 2009 5:16 pm

    Finally emerged from my mom’s basement after cutting myself and listening “So Hard to Say Goodbye” for the last 24 hours over Idletard’s demise. Thanks for the memories.

    Chief Quatto Host made me smile though.

  10. Kim permalink
    October 19, 2009 3:52 pm

    Over on ontd_ai a user named novelized has been bragging about getting the site shut down. Wonder if she actually had anything to do with it?

    • deez permalink
      October 19, 2009 5:13 pm

      Could “novelized” be one of L Ard’s 547945332eleventy aliases?

  11. anonymouse permalink
    October 19, 2009 2:38 pm

    Aw, bye Smartie – I only knew of you for a few months, but I’ll be sad to see you go! This works out so well for me though, because now I can feel free to not watch next season – whoo hoo!

  12. kimberly permalink
    October 19, 2009 12:20 pm

    Late to the party and confused is confused. So babs on MJs Blog is L. Anne aka Lori? Figures Laurel G. and babs would see eye-to-eye. lol

    All very interesting.

    • TopIdol permalink
      October 19, 2009 4:26 pm

      What do we know about them?

  13. Bluewave permalink
    October 19, 2009 3:42 am

    L Anne is rejoicing at mj’s:

    ” I don’t think she’s innocent. She brought a lot of shit on herself. ”

    You sound like a person who possesses the “blame the victim” mentality. Sort of the type who blames a rape victim who “deserved it.” If you agree with such behavior, you’re as much as a sick b**ch as that Idletard woman is.

    “Maybe. I don’t think any of us really know. Since we don’t know HER, any more than we know Paula or Adam or David C. She could also be severely mentally disturbed, someone who is high functioning enough to support herself and get through daily life but who is sick nonetheless. Not unlike a high functioning alcoholic who somehow manages to be successful despite having a serious illness.”

    Exactly. They were so quick to judge people without even knowing them personally. What I saw of a few of THEM, they aren’t supermodels either. Frankly, I’m glad the site is gone. It served no purpose outside of being a glorified hate site. It’s funny they called people “anti-Semitic” and “racist” in some posts, yet they made fun of homosexuals and people who are handicapped in some ways. Hypocrites much? Now that the site is gone, maybe the b**ch will have to actually get a real job and a life. And no, stalking innocent strangers doesn’t qualify.


    “I’ll miss the L Anne stories. What a hysterical, sociopathic character she is.”

    Are you medically qualified to diagnose someone you never met? I thought not.

    Also let it be a lesson that printing false information about someone is a term known as “libel.”

    Then mj delivers the smackdown.

    “If you agree with such behavior, you’re as much as a sick b**ch as that Idletard woman is.”

    Nice language there, Lori.

    You must be so relieved that Idletard is gone. Now you can get back to conning and lying your way around the internet without interference. lol.

  14. extard permalink
    October 19, 2009 2:40 am

    R.I.P. Ideltard. Thanks for helping me to see the light.

  15. October 19, 2009 12:34 am

    Idletard, RIP. I didn’t even watch Idol as the tards were so much more entertaining and Smartie made tard-watching beyond wonderful. We shall miss ye.

  16. Radio Birdman permalink
    October 19, 2009 12:17 am

    Idletard. Gone but not forgotten.

    With the death of Idletard, a new site to mock the tards and frau shall rise.

  17. yuppie permalink
    October 18, 2009 11:18 pm

    I enjoyed a lot of the recounting of the crazy at Idletard. I won’t miss the mocking of women based on their being overweight.

    • Smartie permalink
      October 18, 2009 11:39 pm

      ^ fatty

    • Becky permalink
      October 22, 2009 2:56 pm

      I agree. There were some people who deserved mocking for going to 1,324,874 shows and doing really crazy stuff. That was funny and I enjoyed reading it as an idol FAN who has never traveled a major distance for any idol related show.

      What WAS unfortunate was the mocking of people who went to one show and blogged about the experience for other fans. People who have real lives and who are really amazing women. Really amazing, talented women whom others just felt the need to tear down based on things like their excitement and their weight. (And no Smartie, I’m not a “fatty” 😉 )

      But I WILL miss the mocking of the crazies who deserved it.

  18. October 18, 2009 10:56 pm

    Oh, no! I was out of town this weekend and I just sat down to catch up on the L. Anne Chronicles and the site’s gone! What happened? Lawlers? So sad. I’ll miss the L. Anne saga and the sporadic Lizzie chapters.

  19. Smartie permalink
    October 18, 2009 10:36 pm

    You need an account at for it to work.

    BTW, I am working on a book of the L Ard Chronicles.

    • veritas permalink
      October 19, 2009 12:16 am

      YES!!!!! The Chronicles of L. Anne Carrington FTW!

      • tardspotter permalink
        October 19, 2009 12:46 am

        I’m going to pray to Jestro that L Anne does a swanky book signing!

        • Bluewave permalink
          October 19, 2009 2:15 am

          ME ME ME!! How swanky and klazzy! First 100 copies of the L Ard Chronicles sold gets signed by none other than the legend L Anne herself!

  20. kimberly permalink
    October 18, 2009 10:32 pm

    I will never forget Idletard’s vibrator comment as the Glamberts waited for the premiere of TFM. Just one gem of many. That Laurel G. is something else, a self-righteous bitch that pretty much called everyone in the red states homophobic and the reason Adam Lambert didn’t win. I went back and forth with her a lot. I can understand the attitude if she was speaking from personal experience, suffered her share of bigotry or someone close to her, but she cited no such thing. I asked her if she thought gays were only bicoastal. She’s the world’s conscience and if you don’t see it her way you’re a homophobe, a bigot, a Republican. ::grin::

    Oh, and that Kradam picture, funny shit and fugly as all get out. Can’t they tell that the pictures suck? Not exactly what I call a loving tribute.

    Best of luck, Idletard

  21. Ms Galaxy Princess of the Memory of Idletard permalink
    October 18, 2009 10:25 pm

    “It was so middle school and L. Anne was the overweight girl who ate lunch by herself at the table by the window.”

    Or by herself at the table of prison.

    Thanks Smartie, I shall miss your awesome site.
    I toasted to you earlier.

  22. Mithra permalink
    October 18, 2009 10:05 pm

    Lauren, use this – it’s easy. Just right click save any image, then uploaded it here: Then right click save the avatar. To rehost for sites, go to

  23. tardspotter permalink
    October 18, 2009 8:58 pm

    I think we can all agree that the passing of Idletard is NOT swanky!!

    Smartie, thank you for everything. And thanks to everyone for the lulz…what a hoot! I shall still tard over Brenda’s nanna in my dreams 🙂 And I want you all to remember what you’ve learned about eating off of strangers’ plates. Idletard may be gone, but I can STILL send my lawler after you if I hear about any un-swankiness!

  24. Lennox permalink
    October 18, 2009 8:54 pm

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: I was a tard of Idletard! :)Smartie is pure genius. I just went to the site to see what I’d missed since Friday, and was shocked (insert Gaspy’s gasp sound here) that the site had crossed over to the other side. I pray to Jestro that Smartie starts another site. Hmmmm, I may have to write a tard prayer about Idletard . . . 🙂

  25. Bluewave permalink
    October 18, 2009 8:21 pm

    I am unbelievably sad. Just when the Glamtards are heading for their crazy-o-meter peak, Idletard shuts down 😦 *wails*

    I’ll miss the tard art, Lizzie’s epic, LAnne’s chronicles, tard contests, exposes, EVERYTHING. Goodbye Idletard.

  26. October 18, 2009 8:10 pm

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    • veritas permalink
      October 18, 2009 8:18 pm

      That is very touching. Referencing a David Cook song was a nice touch.

      • October 18, 2009 9:02 pm

        Thanks veritas. Unfortunately I forgot about another song that might have made a good tribute, “Live Like We’re Dying.” I blame Who? for being so forgettable.

        • veritas permalink
          October 19, 2009 12:14 am

          Or, we could sing another Cook song, “Come Back To Me.”

          Smartie, when you find you, come back to me.

        • Smartie permalink
          October 19, 2009 12:27 am

          where am I?

          am I?

          am I?

    • Smartie permalink
      October 18, 2009 9:37 pm


  27. not quite a cooktard permalink
    October 18, 2009 7:41 pm

    I’m so sad! I loved reading Idletard. It brought me endless hours of amusement but also a necessary bit of perspective. I’ll miss the tard art, L Anne chapters, and everything else about the site.

    RIP Idletard. You will be missed.

  28. sosad permalink
    October 18, 2009 7:33 pm

    Oh Smartie, we hardly knew ye.. well I was just getting into your site big time. Wow, I’m gonna miss it.
    Thanks for the horror & the laughs.
    The wold’s gonna be a lot more boring now.
    Was really looking forward to the tard prayers.
    Oh well.

  29. SPOON! permalink
    October 18, 2009 7:32 pm

    It’s an end to an era. I wonder how many more Fanatic point and laugh sites will start up, now that IdleTard is gone?

    Good work Smartie. IdleTard fulfilled a community service. You did good!

  30. Mithra permalink
    October 18, 2009 6:46 pm

    Geez, I still suck at the posting before proof reading stuff 😀

    I would like to dedicate this lovely sparkle cow fan video to the memory of idletard, it features some of our favorites:

    • TopIdol permalink
      October 18, 2009 6:58 pm


      Why are they playing Louis Armstrong??? I wonder if Glambert #1364 was the one who nuzzled his neck and moaned while in New Jersey.

      • Mithra permalink
        October 18, 2009 7:27 pm

        I don’t know, could be. Did Mr. Doubtfire go to the Jersey show? He/she was with her. Damn, you gots you some fancypants software for the link to embed just like that! Check out the others. I watched #2 – lots of tard art in that one as well. The Four Tops “I Can’t Help Myself – Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” is playing as the background for that one. Who knows why, just sit back and enjoy! 🙂

        • TopIdol permalink
          October 18, 2009 7:36 pm

          I love Mr. Doubtfire. And right now, I am really missing Diva Kalina. He needs to come over and play. I assume he’s just spending quality alone time with the Details scans? 🙂

  31. retarred permalink
    October 18, 2009 6:36 pm

    Say it isn’t so.
    I’ll be forever in your debt, Smartie, for reaching your hand out to pull me from the bowels of tardiness.

    Idletard was Epic. Profound. Enlightening. Fucking Hilarious.

    That is all.

  32. veritas permalink
    October 18, 2009 4:32 pm

    I had only recently discovered Idletard. I am sad at its passing. Is the Smartie who responded to Top Idol upthread THE Smartie? If so, I salute you.

    • deez permalink
      October 18, 2009 4:56 pm

      I, too, only recently discovered IdleTard. Smartie educated me on so much in so little time!!!!!!!!!!!eleven!!!!!! How will I make do w/o updates on L Anne, Baldy, Cash-ho, Constantine, and the horrendous Clay porn? I mourn for all the swanky tard-art that will go unseen! A dark, dark day for sanity.


      • TopIdol permalink
        October 18, 2009 5:05 pm

        I love Tard Art.

        • dukie permalink
          October 18, 2009 5:47 pm

          Smartie wrote the book on Tard Art Appreciation!

          • TopIdol permalink
            October 18, 2009 6:18 pm

            I just found some doozies. Damn you, Smartie!

            Image and video hosting by TinyPic

            • Smartie permalink
              October 18, 2009 6:41 pm


            • veritas permalink
              October 18, 2009 8:16 pm

              This is a picture of Adam’s hair going through the Ring of Fire.

              Top Idol, you must now carry on the study of Tard Art.

              • TopIdol permalink
                October 18, 2009 8:22 pm

                Like this?

                Image and video hosting by TinyPic

                • Lauren permalink
                  October 18, 2009 8:36 pm

                  If that was hand drawn, I actually find it quite impressive. My artistic ability is limited to stick figures. To me, this is not exactly tard-art, just fan-art. Or maybe I just have a weakness for Kradam 🙂

                  • TopIdol permalink
                    October 18, 2009 8:39 pm

                    This is the best. It’s Matt Giraud…I thought it was a bad version of Kris Allen at first. Alas. Why is he wearing a headdress? And where the frak is Quatto?

                    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

                    • MrPink permalink
                      October 18, 2009 8:54 pm

                      Maybe this is his response to seeing a river full of garbage – if so, someone should have drawn a tear leaking from his eye.

                    • Smartie permalink
                      October 18, 2009 9:04 pm

                      Quatto Host is trying out for the Village People?

                      It’s fun to stay in the Q U A T T O doesn’t have quite that ring to it….

                    • girl from mars permalink
                      October 18, 2009 9:14 pm

                      Quatto, Quatto Host… he’s got to be the Quatto Host.

                    • TopIdol permalink
                      October 18, 2009 9:15 pm

                      Supposedly Quatto Host is a prick in real life, too.

                    • Smartie permalink
                      October 18, 2009 9:20 pm

                      The Host is not listening to the Teachings of Quatto.

                    • dukie permalink
                      October 18, 2009 9:34 pm

                      Oh I love when a tard has a twitter meltdown because their “Idol” let them down. What did Quatto Host do to piss her off? I am sure it was something of epic proportion 🙂

                    • deez permalink
                      October 18, 2009 11:12 pm

                      She probably painted him a tard shirt, and after 63 straight days of stalking him… she hasn’t seen him wearing it.

                    • Mithra permalink
                      October 18, 2009 9:52 pm

                      Okay, how do you set up avatars here? I call dibs on Matt the Injun Chief 😀 WTF? Is there any more information on WHY exactly someone would draw Quatto’s attempted murder/host with a Native American cheif’s headdress on?

                    • TopIdol permalink
                      October 18, 2009 9:56 pm

                      Mithra, I have no fraking clue. It’s one of the most bizarre things EVER.

                    • Lauren permalink
                      October 18, 2009 10:01 pm

                      OOOO!!!! yes how do you make avatars???? I want to use Adam’s glowing head!

                    • TopIdol permalink
                      October 18, 2009 10:05 pm

                      I think you can do it in your WordPress account you use to make comments on here?

                      Sherena has an original one. She may have a WP blog? Not sure.

                    • Lauren permalink
                      October 18, 2009 10:10 pm

                      I don’t have a wordpress account…i don’t think lol

                    • Mithra permalink
                      October 18, 2009 10:13 pm

                      Okay, I’m not sure why my last post landed up^^^ there – but I made a copy at the 100 default which is standard, for you. There’s some cropping, but unless you shrink the image – it has to fit into a square.

                    • lauren722 permalink
                      October 18, 2009 10:22 pm

                      It’s not working!!!!!

                    • Smartie permalink
                      October 18, 2009 10:37 pm

                      Crap these comments are going all messy again.

                      Lauren, go to and make an account. Then follow their site to set up the avatar.

                    • yuppie permalink
                      October 18, 2009 11:16 pm

                      Okay, I can explain this art, I think. It comes from a whole meme that Matt was scorned by Kris. Kris was good friends and roommates with Matt in Hollywood week, then became Adam’s roommate in the mansion and became better friends with him. So, Matt was scorned (he does sort of have a perpetual scornedface) and would cry the “lone Indian tear” like the guy in the old “don’t litter” commercials.

                      I think. 😉

                  • on the edge permalink
                    October 18, 2009 8:59 pm

                    Um…sorry but regular fans don’t draw pictures of their fan objects. ALL tard art is just that…tard art.*

                    *Okay, I’ll make an exception for incredibly talented 12 year olds.

                    • Lauren permalink
                      October 18, 2009 9:08 pm

                      yeah I guess, but it doesn’t look creepy at all. Its just a nice portrait of Kradam. Eh if it is tardart then its of the lowest level. I mean compare it to the other Adam one where his poorly drawn disembodied head is glowing. Yeah.

                • MrPink permalink
                  October 18, 2009 8:53 pm

                  It’s the Incredible Two Headed Transplant! Without Rosie Greer and Bruce Dern!


                • veritas permalink
                  October 19, 2009 12:18 am

                  Why do so many tard artists make Kris look like he’s eighty years old?

                • October 19, 2009 10:27 am

                  Looks like Adam’s got a ventriloquists dummy of the skinny one from Laurel and Hardy on his lap.

                  • deez permalink
                    October 19, 2009 10:56 am

                    Lol. It does! The only thing missing is the little hat.

              • dukie permalink
                October 18, 2009 8:23 pm

                Thanks for that interpretation, Veritas. I thought it was a cross between Glambert and Sanjina – what the hell do I know??

            • deez permalink
              October 18, 2009 11:08 pm

              God that’s frightening. It’s like Yasmine Bleeth and Astro Boy’s offspring.
              I can’t stop staring at it.

      • veritas permalink
        October 18, 2009 8:13 pm

        There was some horrendous Kris Allen tard art up a few days ago. For some reason, two of the “portraits” gave Kris two lower lips.

        Poor Kris, shafted by 19Evil. He didn’t deserve bad tard art. And now, by Grabthar’s Hammer, he cannot be avenged by Smartie.

  33. Mithra permalink
    October 18, 2009 3:48 pm

    First time posting here. I’m still in mourning. Idletard was like the wikipedia of tardology. A place where members of, and those familiar with individual tard groups could gather their information and observations. It was an epic study of the socilology, psychology, and anthropology of American Idol tard cults. It housed the great Museum of Tard Art Galleries. The poetry, the literature, the prayers, etc. I feel like I’ve just watched the Library of Alexandria go up in smoke!

    I wish Smartie well. I don’t know how she managed all that by herself. RIP idletard.

  34. freedavidcook permalink
    October 18, 2009 2:31 pm

    Smartie, take care of yourself and thank you for providing me with enormous laughs on long grim endless work shifts and for introducing me to the batshit crazy world when fans get too involved and L Anne. I will be forever grateful for those things even as I’ll miss logging in to see what latest crazy has happened every day. Thanks for providing me with an outlet for some of the weirdest stuff I’ve ever written, i.e. parody fic, self interview, Cook reviews. Thanks for the laughs and helping me find some like minded folks.

  35. Charlie permalink
    October 18, 2009 1:58 pm

    Well I’m kicking myself a little less for missing the Tard Prayer deadline. But damn. I am going to miss Idletard so much! 😦 Best wishes to Smartie and everyone else.

  36. rehabilitard permalink
    October 18, 2009 1:56 pm

    Oh, no, Smartie, don’t leave us! I am going through withdrawals. No daily idletard could have seroius consequences. Laugh therapy, great weight loss program, I am going to miss it! Please do not go!!!111 eleventy!!

    Thank you Idletard, for saving me from becoming obsessed fan:). RIP.

  37. Kathy J. permalink
    October 18, 2009 12:38 pm

    I was surprised of the suddenness of the sites demise, but its best to go out on top. I know Smartie has her reasons. RIP and Thanks, you will be missed by many, and the laughs will certainly be fewer..

    Just curious if there will now be competition among the Frau to make the claim it was “them that shut the site down”

    I can’t sign off with at least one more bit on L Anne, has the Goddess of IT passed comment?

    Look at the two comments of “LaurelG”

    • TopIdol permalink
      October 18, 2009 1:11 pm

      THANK GOD, Idletard has shut down. Hopefully, for good. The woman who ran it seemed to be on a kind of jihad or personal mission to persecute some woman named L. Anne whose sole crime seemed to be that she lived in a sort of delusional, fantasy world and blogged about it.

      It was so middle school and L. Anne was the overweight girl who ate lunch by herself at the table by the window. I was seriously beginning to think I was going to read in the headlines that this poor woman had committed suicide. It was that mean and vindictive. Really hateful stuff.

      That was one…hmmm…it doesn’t sound like her, as the sentences are too short. HA HA HA HA HA MJ defends Idletard:

      She didn’t just blog about it. She created online personnas on message boards that were complete fabrications. She’d lie, manipulate and create havoc,–get busted and start all over again somwhere else. She hurt people. I don’t think she’s innocent. She brought a lot of shit on herself.

      • Smartie permalink
        October 18, 2009 4:18 pm

        She created online personnas on message boards that were complete fabrications.

        What a load of shit.

        • SPOON! permalink
          October 18, 2009 7:57 pm

          Smartie, MJ was referring to L’Anne. She wasn’t talking about you.

      • October 18, 2009 8:59 pm

        The cunts on MJs blog dancing on IdleTard’s grave really fucking piss me off. One of them, Jx223, is a Gokeytard who spends all day, every day posting Stepford-wife rah-rahing bullshit about The Black Widower on TWaT. I hope if/when IT ever resurrects her blog, she targets that stupid bitch first.

        • TopIdol permalink
          October 18, 2009 9:05 pm

          I bet she hangs out with Heliotripe and LaTrine.

        • Claire permalink
          October 18, 2009 9:26 pm

          Ah yes, Jx223. One of my many favorite TWaT posters. I remember reading some of her Grassy Knoll posts from before the finale where she said she wasn’t even a fan of Danny’s (suuuure) but loved Anoop and possibly Matt. Then after the finale she posted daily on Danny’s thread and pretty much single handedly changed it from the snarkiest performer thread on the site into tard central.

  38. veritas permalink
    October 18, 2009 12:23 pm

    Wha’ happened? I go out of town for a couple of days and it’s gone? I was just getting comfy there. Seriously, is there no hope of it coming back? Because L.Anne is the only Goddess, and Smartie is her only messenger.

  39. October 18, 2009 11:42 am

    Hmmm. This is a difficult one for me as a tard-in-transition. And as many of you will know, being former freaks and now just ordinary fans, it can be quite a painful process getting the tard knocked out of you. But I have to say Idletard has given me plenty to chew over – and made me laugh out loud till my face and sides really hurt. Tho think the biggest loss will be Dr Fender’s tard quiz – how can I gauge my progress now? Is all hope lost? Ah well. * Shrugs. Chews popcorn * (Ha! See that! Perhaps there is hope after all). Really, thanks for the laughs.

  40. t-mo permalink
    October 18, 2009 11:28 am

    Idletard–I can’t believe you’re gone! I can sincerely say that you are missed. Thanks for everything!

  41. girl from mars permalink
    October 18, 2009 11:15 am

    Idletard, I shall miss you so. Thank you for all the jaw-droppingly shocking glimpses into the minds of fantards and all the hilarious characters and artistic tributes you brought into the spotlight. Thank you for inspiring my first frau safari. Thank you for dierra and SKOOSH. I never realized how much Idletard was a part of my day until now, so I guess that makes me a recovering Idletard tard. Thank you the most for all the awesome people I’ve come in contact with through the site! Idletard will be missed.

  42. Mugsy permalink
    October 18, 2009 10:54 am

    RIP, Idletard. Smartie, thanks for the millions of laughs. You rescued many a tard and brought them back to reality. And then there were others who were beyond rescuing. Thanks for the many contests, which brought us wonderful objects, writings, and art to ooooh and ahhhhh over. Thanks for the new vocabulary: lawler, vagsweat, and others that I use in everyday speech. Tanks for de memories.

  43. d. b. cooper permalink
    October 18, 2009 10:54 am

    So this means there are no more tards, right?

  44. lurker permalink
    October 18, 2009 10:50 am

    this isn’t happening This is just a dream. How will I live without L Anne or heliotrope or Latrece? Thank you smartie for all the LOL’s. RIP Idletard.

  45. Verbally Dyslexic permalink
    October 18, 2009 10:12 am

    Damn I missed something here. What happened? Anyone care to fill me in on the details?

    Regardless, it’s a damn shame that Idletard is gone. I may have disagreed with some of the things on the site, but it did provide me with copious amounts of entertainment as well.

    It’s a sad day.

  46. dukie permalink
    October 18, 2009 9:51 am

    I was devastated when I saw Idletard was gone last night!! I had to check again this morning to make sure it was not just a bad nightmare 😦 My morning was not the same today without my daily check of the crazy on Idletard. I will miss L Anne (although I am the proud owner of the one and only L Anne doll), all the clever and snarky commentators and especially Smartie. Hell, I will even miss the cooktards and the sparklecows! Thanks again, Smartie, for the immmeasurable laughs, and best wishes to you.

    P.S. We never got to vote on the tard prayer contest! 😦

    • veritas permalink
      October 18, 2009 12:26 pm

      It was my first contest, too.

      Maybe we should have a contest for a RIP prayer for Idletard.

      • not quite a cooktard permalink
        October 18, 2009 7:37 pm

        Tard prayer was also my first contest and I was really looking forward to reading all the entries. 😦

  47. on the edge permalink
    October 18, 2009 9:44 am

    Smartie, thank you for pulling me from the abyss when I needed it. I was close to becoming a full-on mega Cooktard until Idletard came into my life. Now I can gladly say I’m a fan…JUST a fan. And I have you to thank for that.

    Who will fill the void? There are lost little Gokeytards and Whotards and Madamtards who need someone with a strong pimphand and mirror of truth to show them the light. And what will Baldy do now that Idletard is gone? I will wear black all week in mourning.

  48. MrPink permalink
    October 18, 2009 9:20 am

    Damn, this is depressing.

    Idletard, thanks for the laughs. I know it was a lot of hard work putting together all of that, and as an avid reader, I want you to know I appreciated it – one of the funniest places on the internets.

    It’s tough to draw the curtain, clean up the blood and entrails, and call it a night, though. I just hope it was because you were tired of it, and not threatened by a sea of sparklecows with pitchforks.

    TopIdol, thanks for providing a space for us to wail and gnash our teeth.

  49. Jennifer permalink
    October 18, 2009 9:19 am

    I really wish Smartie would leave the archives up. That shit was beyond funny!

  50. blacklisted permalink
    October 18, 2009 8:25 am

    As someone who is a newbie to the fandom (first episode I watched was this year’s finale), I thank you Idletard for giving me a proper introduction to the special snowflakes religiously following AI’s old product. Special kudos for introducing me to Constantine’s “appeal”. How did I live a lifetime without that knowledge? It is beyond me.

    Thanks for pictures of sparklecow tattooes. Talk about seared to the brain.

    The visual images gleaned by descriptions of David Cook fans kept me in stiches. Photos of AI fans artwork, displaying their ‘creativity’ for all the world to see? Priceless. Reading the ‘epic fictions’ written by overly invested fans? I was left without words.

    Oh Idletard, it is so sad that you decided to leave when normal fans needed you the most. Now, when we’re experiencing a level of bat shit craziness in fandom not seen since the age of Aiken. You were one of the few (others include TI and VFTW) who would have kept a historical record for self-deprecating fans lost in the stampede.

  51. nonna-muss permalink
    October 18, 2009 7:37 am

    I am absolutely devastated. Totally. But I will not stop on my mission. It will happen. I promise. Dang it! And I was “this” close to earning my Tard Strong bracelet. Sigh. Would Smartie hire a lawler and sew me if I had my own blue and white bracelet made?

    Smartie and Idletard. You will be greatly missed. The service you’ve provided will not be forgotten. You saved many of us who were just about to drink the kool-aid.

    Enjoy life Smartie, have fun and I hope I will see you here or there from time to time.

  52. October 18, 2009 4:24 am

    *wailing in disbelief*

    Oh the horror! No L Anne, no frau mockery. This is a sad and depressing time. We needs to sign a petition to bring it back! ~RIP Idletard

  53. Mysterioso permalink
    October 18, 2009 4:08 am

    :sadface I am in mourning.

    Oh well, I know where to send the pics of my next Frau Safari now.

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