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Watch the AMAs with me!

November 22, 2009

I’ve never attempted this before, so let’s try it. Hang out and watch the American Music Awards with me tonight. You will probably be on your laptop, anyway, so come on over. Discussion in the comments thread starts whenever and lasts throughout the show.

(Also check out the VFTW Live Stream for even more shits & giggles.)

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  1. erinnthered permalink
    November 23, 2009 4:49 am

    Just got home and saw the….”performance.”

    More proof of how clueless and shallow he is, and of his complete lack of self-awareness.

    This much bed press is only better than no press if you want to be cast in the latest VH-1 reality show. Nothing that man does has anything to do with music, and these days you can’t sell albums on hype alone.

    That was just awful. If it’d just been a bad production, that would’ve been salvageable, but his vocals….no way. I’m also finding it hard to believe the song will work on Letterman…oh wait, I just read he’s performing a different song. HA! Watch his record label jump in and actually take over from this point on. So much for Adam boasting about autonomy. Not after that many train wrecks…

    Was I the only one who thought of Take Off With Us from All That Jazz?

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