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SYTYCD Top 12: Please Send Mollee Gray Home

November 25, 2009

Apparently I am not the ONLY ONE WHO HATES MORON MOLLEE. From E!Online’s Watch with Kristen:

Francesca in New York City: Is it just me or is the so-called “golden couple” Nathan and Mollee the most irritating twosome in the history of SYTYCD? The judges protected them unfairly last week, and I just don’t see the attraction!
I, myself, have absolutely no opinion on Nathan and Mollee, but you’re right that the judges do seem to favor them. We talked to exec producer Nigel Lythgoe last week and he told us, “We didn’t know why Mollee and Nathan were in the bottom three. I think there was a little backlash from last week and maybe Nathan’s package where he made himself out to be the kid who always got whatever he wanted. They need to be very careful how they portray themselves.” What do you guys think? Are the judges deluded about Nathan and Mollee’s appeal? Was last week just a temporary “backlash” or do you not like those two in general?

See? No one likes being manipulated, and frankly, 1980s British Hair, you’ve been goading us into liking Moron Mollee Gray since LAST season. Tonight, we’re going to be forced to watch TWO dances per couple because they are incapable of just say, reducing the show’s running length. It’s also the last time they will perform as part of their original couplings, but I just hope Crazy Mary gets her drink on.

Ryan Di Lello & Ellenore Scott
Lindy Hop — Carla Heiney
I’ve Got to be a Rug Cutter — Boilermaker Jazz Band

The ever-so-adorable Ryan and Ellenore are going back to the days of post-war swing with their sweet-as-pie lindy hop. Both of them have the personalities to pull this off without it seeming forced or cheesy. Ellenore’s smile and Ryan’s overwhelming excitement to be doing something similar to his original style are both infectious. Bonus points for Ryan giving 110% with a hurt back.

YESSSSS! Sitting next to choreographer Carla Heiney is…SONYA FRAKING TAYEH!!! This may make up for Crazy Mary’s recent bout with slooooow boozing. 1980s British Hair freaks them out by saying he hated that…that they haven’t had the lindy hop on the show in three seasons. Ba-bum-bah.

I like Ryan and Ellenore. The kids are alright.

Legacy Perez & Kathryn McCormick
So Deep — Hot Chip

Of course it’s going to be good. It’s SONYA FRAKING TAYEH!!! Oh how I adore this woman. I would bite any hand for you, Sonya Tayeh.

Sonya’s dances are always fantastic–sexy, great music, you name it. I also think she is acutely aware of the dancers’ strengths and plays up to them, for instance, letting Legacy show off his B-Boy-ness in a jazz routine. Kathryn is looking less and less like a child each week and for one instant, she almost looks like Katy Perry.  Their chemistry is obvious. It doesn’t seem like work with these two. Excellent work, kiddos!

HA HA HA. What did Adam Shankman just say? He made the same observation. See? Me is smart. All the judges are agreeing with me tonight. Wow. Should I be scared?

Victor Smalley & Karen Hauer
Tango — Tony Meredith & Melanie Lapatin
Montserrat — Orquesta del Plata

Karen should have the chops to pull off a sexy tango. I’m not sure if Victor can hold a candle to her, as he is an excellent dancer, I’m just not buying the love story. Maybe its because he seems so young compared to her, or so gay? AND NO, I do not mean that in a bad way. Okay. So I guess the judges don’t agree with me anymore, but I know NOTHING about the tango, although I do know he has poise and stature. I wasn’t sensing the hot chemistry, though. Crazy Mary keeps drinking slow, but I suspect she agrees with me about Victor. Nigel believes Karen “has it” like Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, whom he just saw perform at the AMAs. Probably because she is oh, Latina. But I doubt Karen will ever fall on her ass.

Nathan Trasoras & Mollee Gray
Hip Hop — Jamal Sims
Ring-a-Ling — Black Eyed Peas

Nathan will miss Mollee’s laugh. Oh come on. Shoot me now. Jamal’s hip hop routine is all about the invention of the telephone. I also hate the Black Eyed Peas and nothing will make me believe Moron Mollee could invent anything but a new way to annoy the frak out of SYTYCD viewers everywhere. She also dances like she’s on a pom squad and its halftime at a high school basketball game. And then Nathan tried answering her butt.

Everytime this girl smiles, I want to slap her. I don’t care if she can do flips and shit. Nathan is less annoying than Mollee, and since he can dance hip hop, he’s obviously the stronger partner. He also split his pants. Pants splitting happens a lot on SYTYCD.

The judges are pretty much unimpressed, but they still lay it on thick. 1980s thinks they need more mature partners if they move on to next week. Hey, that may just highlight their obvious flaws even more so…but I really don’t want them in the Top 10. Why do these people want us to love these kids so much? WHY WHY WHY?

Noelle Marsh & Russell Ferguson
Samba — Tony Meredith & Melanie Lapatin
Hips Don’t Lie — Shakira

Of course Noelle will miss Russell, I am sensing a total CONNECTION with these two, aren’t you?

I love this song. I love Shakira. I’m starting to love Noelle and Russell. And look how much fun they’re having out there! It’s ADORABLE! Sure, it’s sexy, I suppose, but its just adorable watching the two of them. They’re so cute. Move them on to the Top 10!

Shankman picks up on what I was feeling…he just articulates it better, as he is Adam Shankman. Yes. Their samba was too sweet. But I think it was because they were having so much fun together. Maybe they’ll get dirty together after the show? Tomorrow night, Shakira will be on the show! 1980s British Hair needs Noelle to be more sexy like Shakira.

Ashleigh Di Lello & Jakob Karr
Lyrical Jazz — SONYA TAYEH!!!!
Time Flies — Lykke Li

Awwwwww. I’m gonna miss Ashleigh and Jakob as a couple, too! Perhaps my pain will be dulled by yet a second appearance of the Original Queen of Awesome, Sonya Tayeh. Oh, how I just love her. And I don’t really see how Jakob & Ashleigh could do bad–they’re both incredible dancers–and combined with a Sonya number means PERFECTION. Phenomenal. She’s really one of the few people who can do lyrical jazz without causing me to roll my eyes at least once.

The only bad thing Shankman can say is about Jakob’s pants. Yeah…poor guy. Those are pretty damn wretched. 1980s British Hair takes a moment to profess his love for Sonya Tayeh. Sonya gets all misty eyed and I almost do, too.

(Why is Luke Wilson doing commercials for Verizon? Why are they already playing commercials for nooooooo AMERICAN IDOL??)

ETA: I fell asleep last night after no longer having the energy to carry on with this two-hour show. So now I’m catching the rest before I watch tonight’s results show–which I’m sure will piss me off.

Ryan Di Lello & Ellenore Scott
Broadway — Spencer Liff
Razzle Dazzle — Chicago (Original Broadway Cast)

You guys are awesome. This routine was great. It was soooooo Broadway, more so than most “Broadway” I’ve seen on the show. I love that these two are getting props. Once again, Adam Shankman steals my line, but come on, Shankman, Ryan was pretty awesome, too. Crazy Mary calls Ellenore an “It Girl”.

Legacy Perez & Kathryn McCormick
Viennese Waltz —
Tony Meredith & Melanie Lapatin
Your Guardian Angel — The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

I’m starting to really like these two. Their chemistry is so sweet and Kathryn looks gorgeous. Sometimes I think as if B-Boy Legacy tries too hard, but hey, at least’s he’s trying. Legacy finishes the dance in tears…of hope. This will probably get him a few votes.

Victor Smalley & Karen Hauer
Hip Hop — Laurieann Gibson
Moving Mountains — Usher

The judges clearly sent Victor (and possibly Karen) to the guillotine. Could it have been more obvious.


Nathan Trasoras & Mollee Gray
The Can Can — Tyce Diorio

Some things should not be done, like the can can on SYTYCD and allowing Moron Mollee to talk. This girl is dumb as rocks. I’m sure they will be hailed as DARING and SUPERB and all sorts of other nonsense. No one likes Moron Mollee. And few care for Nathan anymore, mainly because she probably brings him down.

Noelle Marsh & Russell Ferguson
Contemporary — Tyce Diorio
A Case of You — Diana Krall

These two are great. Noelle, I want to believe you no longer hang out with Moron Mollee because I’m really starting to like you, and if you drop that dopey dense digbat, I will like you so much more. I love these two. I think they could have, as my mother would say, a love connection.

Ashleigh Di Lello & Jakob Karr
Cha Cha —
Jean-Marc Généreux and France
Cha Cha Heels — Rosabel featuring Jeanine Tracy

Can these two DO any wrong? They’re fraking sick. Seriously sick. I love these two. Ashleigh pretty much gave Shakira a run for her money.

7 Comments leave one →
  1. maggie permalink
    January 28, 2010 6:47 pm

    I agree, all Mollee haters, just shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love Mollee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she is a huge insperation in my life, so please stop. If u ever go on a show and work ur butt off, i hope people make a bunch of blogs about u saying how annoying YOU are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ryanne permalink
    January 18, 2010 8:30 pm



  3. fastscot permalink
    December 18, 2009 5:34 pm

    Yes Maria. Immature, introverted and geeky bloggers who are unable to relate to or communicate with people on a personal level often resort to making juvenile comments in blogs about someone they dislike intensely, because that person has the personality and happiness that the blogger could never have. It’s really quite pathetic – isn’t it?

    Every one of the top ten dancers have wonderful and different personalities and are some of the most skilled and entertaining dancers you will see anywhere.

  4. maria permalink
    December 13, 2009 11:02 pm

    I could think about a list of hateful words to say to you, but I won’t stoop down to your level.
    I think you are one of the rudest bloggers on the internet.
    I’m glad I was taught to be a good person and a respectful human being, or else I’d be something like you.


  5. d. b. cooper permalink
    November 25, 2009 1:51 am

    Victor and Karen are Audi 5g, Swayze, Ghost, Outta Here.

    Even though their tango was great and Mollee and Nathan’s hip hop was terrible.

    I actually thought Ryan and Ellenore’s Broadway thing was the best dance of the night.

    • d. b. cooper permalink
      November 25, 2009 2:06 am

      Oh snap, I just remembered Patrick Swayze recently passed away. “Swayze” was early ’90s hip hop slang for leaving, in reference to the popular film Ghost starring Patrick Swayze (as a ghost), Demi Moore, and Hoopie Goldberg. No offense was intended.

      • TopIdol permalink
        November 25, 2009 12:12 pm

        I know it was probably too soon…but its still kind of funny. No need to apologize.

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